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Aug 12, 2007 03:48 AM

Favorite “Secret Hole In The Walls”

We all know of them. Dark and sometimes dingy joints that we love and don’t want to disclose for fear that they’ll become too may “other people’s” favorites. Well I’m letting some of mine out of the bag. As you Chowhounder’s share some of yours, I’ll reveal a few others, maybe one per week. Here we go with the first…

1. Bruce Park Grill - 231 Bruce Park Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 203-869-8006

The best little personal pizzas with fresh toppings made completely in-house. The wine ($5 a glass) is served out of oversized glasses and the beer’s always ice cold. There's no grill so if it's a burger you're in the mood for, see my next week's post. Best part? A regulation size shuffleboard with regulars that will always be willing to play for a beer. Owner (Scott) and main bartender (Paul) make this place a real gem. To find it, go to the end of Greenwich Ave. and make a left on Railroad Avenue. Go over the hill and stop when you see the first group of stores. It’s on your left. They're closed on Sundays till September though.

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  1. Seems as if the photos did not attach on the primary post... Now I see I've reached my limit.

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        yes! i see a hot oil pie in my future (wednesday). as penance, i'll wash the car and do a few good deeds. love the colony.

        1. re: steve h.

          close second is the monkey farm in old saybrook.

      2. Mama's. On Main St. in Port Washington. It's a korean joint, in the same space a dingy old greek luncheonette used to be. Most of the greek pictures are still on the walls. The food is fresh, spicy & delicious... Mama cooks everything herself, & her hubby is the korean version of that Tim Conway character from the Carol Burnette Show, that shuffles his feet. If you let him, he will give you a whole speech on how healthy "wild edibles" are. Don't let the tattered decor deter you. Try any of the dumplings, the ginseng salad, coconut veg soup, spicy kimchee, vegetable tofu harmony, broiled rice cakes, BBQ shrimp, squid, etc., seafood pancake. All the noodle dishes are delicious. BYOB. Cash only.

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        1. re: monalisawoman

          thanks for the post, great descriptions. I live in Queens and will be sure to check this out.

          1. re: monalisawoman

            I can't recommend Mama's highly enough! All the dishes are fresh, and exquisitely flavored (the dol sot bibimbab is out of this world). If this restaurant was in midtown Manhattan, there would be lines around the corner.

              1. re: billyparsons

                Mama's. On Main St. in Port Washington.

                Two posts up.

          2. i'm guessing that big w's bbq on rte 22, and the poughkeepsie vietnamese places don't qualify, since they've been written up in the papers...

            anyhow - in poughkeepsie:

            jamaican - janet's jerk shop, 96 washington street. all the traditional dishes, with varying degrees of spices. but done oh-so-well...
            mexican - cinco de mayo - coincidentally, in janet's old spot! 22 academy st. quick, simple, but authentic. they've got a few selections of american-style food, but most is authentic mexican. agua fresca? check. flor de calabaza and huitlacoche on the menu (although not available every day)? check. all the good stuff that american/mexican places wouldn't serve. i reviewed it here: and although there are other decent dive mexican places (los compadres, la cabanita, and tex-mex lite mole mole) along with peruvian along main st, this is my favorite.

            1. Hey, Billy, you said "maybe one per week", how about another? Thanks, you have great insight!

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                Hey debmom...

                I'm just waiting from the foodchow guys to clear me for some extra pic space. I think this thread would be so much more exciting with pics no? I have a ton of pics but I can't upload.