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Aug 12, 2007 02:35 AM

Good Gyros in LA?

I'm not new to town, I've just never spoken up on this topic before.

I have a hell of a time finding a good gyro in town. I can't name you three places that cut it off the spit the way it's supposed to happen -- but there are plenty of places that will sell you a gyro filled with sliced meat they pulled from a fridge.

I hope this doesn't turn into a debate on why Greek people never settled in Los Angeles. Not everyone selling a good gyro in other cities is from Greece. Also, I'm not sure "authentic" or fine Greek cuisine is the point here.

Bonus points if anyone has leads in LA (downtown, Hollywood, southside or westside) rather than the farther outlying areas. Thanks in advance, I can sure use the insight.

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    1. re: E Eto

      Second! The best. Got me through my college years when they were only 4 bucks and were so big that you could have one for lunch and dinner. Now they are a little smaller and a little more expensive but still the best.

      1. The Greeks did settle in LA, Papa Cristos is in the center of what used to be a big greek area, San Pedro was very popular with the Greeks & the Italians. The Greeks also started lots of fast food places, Tommy's Hamburgers, Jim's Burgers where started by Greeks, Jay's Jay Burgers and many of the Burger stands, I think Astros was started by Greeks. There is a big Greek Church in Northridge. Then you have the Armenians, that started to come after WWII, Bezjians Grocery and several Armenian delis in that area (Vermont & Santa Monica) Partamians Bakery on Adams, still the best Lahmajoon in the city. But with times people relocate to other areas and neighborhoods change, there is a ton of amazing ethenic food in LA, HAppy eating and gain 5-7lbs for me. CIAO

        1. Moishes at the Farmer's Market third and fairfax

          1. I have had a good Gyro at these places along with other good things that they make. Gyros are not something I order all the time but if I hear that a place is good for it then i will try it. Each of these places were mentioned on this board for it and I agree that they do a good job.

            George's Greek Deli (Also try the chicken)
            318 Pine Ave
            Long Beach, CA 90802
            (562) 437-1184

            Frisco’s (Breakfast served by carhops on skates, try the pancakes, burgers are pretty good also. Skip the tuna sandwich – don’t do it)
            18065 Gale Ave.
            Industry, CA. 91748

            Frisco’s has three locations

            Tops (Breakfast burrito w/ pastrami & egg, salsa)
            3838 E Colorado Blvd
            Pasadena, CA 91107-3940
            (626) 449-4412

            Tops has several locations

            Connal's Burgers, Salads & Subs (Avocado sandwich, Egg salad sandwich, Burgers, Salads, Roast Beef, Pastrami, Corned Beef, Turkey Breast, Onion Rings, Boston Shakes)
            1505 E. Washington Blvd.
            Pasadena, CA 91104
            (626) 794-5018
            (North of the 210, West of Allen, East of Hill )

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            1. re: JeetJet

              There is another George's Greek at 7th and Fig (Downtown LA). I've been to papa cristo's and found it to be oily and salty. I think George's is just as good if not better and it comes with a salad, which makes it a good deal.

              I think George's serves it from a spit.

              1. re: JeetJet

                My bad. The Tops Colorado Blvd. location does NOT have gyros. The Other locations of Tops on Walnut in Pasadena, and T-Burgers on Foothill in Monrovia, DO have pretty good gyros. However, the Colorado Blvd location has a good Kobe cheese burger.

                Tops (Kobe Burger))
                3838 E Colorado Blvd
                Pasadena, CA 91107-3940
                (626) 449-4412

                Tops and T-Burger has Gyros

                1. re: JeetJet

                  I tried Frisco's today - pretty good gyros, and I liked the atmosphere of the place too. What I'm really craving is a gyros with the meat cut off the spit - I think I will try George's next. Thanks for the info!

                  There's a new place out in Lake Elsinore which I saw mentioned on another thread - the owners are originally from Chicago, and they serve not only authentic Chicago-style pizza and italian beef, but also Gyros!
                  Joe and Tony's
                  16005 Grand Ave
                  Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

                  Haven't tried that one yet but hopefully I'll make it out there soon.

                2. mama voula's deserves a mention

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                  1. re: epop

                    I think Mama Voula's has closed.

                      1. re: hrhboo

                        Mama Voula's definitely closed over a year ago and became El Super Tacos, run by their neighbor Monte Alban. I like the new habanero salsa on my dollar tacos, but I miss the old gyros, all meat, with a huge plate of thin, crisp, extra-raw-garlicky fries, though they were somewhat on the pricy side at $9.

                        In W.L.A., there has been praise for Delphi, on the west side Westwood Blvd. between Wilshire and Ohio. I've been wanting to try it, but damned if I can ever find a parking space.

                        I may be confused, but I think I've heard of gyro options somewhere either at Olympic east of Bundy or Pico near Santa Monica College?

                        1. re: nosh

                          i thought their other location (i'm sorry, i thought it was called mama voula's as well, but i guess it is Ulysses' Voyage) near or in the Grove was still there. i'd only been to mama voula's but hopefully it is comparable. i've a taste for one as well

                          1. re: nosh

                            that is that falafel place on pico and 18th or so, which has decent falafel but awful gyros

                            1. re: nosh

                              Monte Alban runs El Super Taco? Also, is the falafel place near SMC the Hungry Pocket?

                                1. re: epop

                                  Hmm, not sure if you're correct about who owns El Super Taco.


                                  1. re: vinosnob

                                    El Super Taco is definitely associated with Monte Alban. I have asked. And if you need to use the restroom, they send you across.

                                    1. re: nosh

                                      I have noticed that the chips, salsa, and refried black beans are all very similar. Hmmm...

                                      1. re: a_and_w

                                        Usually Bandini's info is spot on, but perhaps he's mistaken this time...