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Aug 11, 2007 11:46 PM

San Diego Recs using local organic produce?

Hi SD Foodies,

Look for a place to take my gf. She likes restaurants that use organic, local and sustainable foods. She's always carrying her Monterey Bay seafood watch card with her. She's enjoyed places like Modus, when Nathan was still there, and Jsix. Looking for other places to try. Thanks for any help in advance!

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    1. re: Josh

      I'm actually planning on going there with the guys eventually. Heard they have a great local beer selection. How's the food that isn't sausage? She's more a seafood or poultry kind of girl.

      1. re: Jefeweizen

        The Linkery is more than pub-grub. Yep, they've got an outstanding selection of local beers. Yep, they've got an outstanding selection of sausages. It is a restaurant devoted to sustainable agriculture. Your girlfriend need not worry, the menu is far more extensive and sophisticated than bangers and brew. I've had both chicken and fish at The Linkery and it was good.

    2. Jefeweizen, Yumeya, the very unique and all family-run Japanese sake pub/restaurant in Leucadia, would be an interesting option to consider. On Friday through Sunday they feature a special daily item featuring locally grown organic produce from Chino Farms or one other source whose name escapes me right now.

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      1. re: cgfan

        I like what Chino Farms is doing and I think they are producing good quality produce but they are not organic, as far as I know

        1. re: honkman

          They are not organic. I had a conversation with some local farmers about this very subject a few weeks ago.

      2. Starlite is using mostly local and/or organic produce and meats.

        1. Aside from the Linkery, you might want to try Market, 910, AR Valentien or 1500 Ocean.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions. We decided on The Linkery and we were happy with that decision. We started with two greenery selections. The dressing on the mixed greens was wonderful, just a hint of the jalapeno flavor without overpowering the veggies. We ordered the Pink Rock Cod and some sausage. The cod with spinach and salsa was lite and refreshing, although the noddles in the dish gave it an odd texture. Got the Choucroute so I could sample the sausage, loved the sauerkraut, made me want a rueben. Overall a good experience, how can you not like getting a 12oz Pils for under 3 dollars.

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            1. re: Jefeweizen

              Glad you liked it Jefeweizen - thanks for the report!