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Aug 11, 2007 11:34 PM

ISO My Dream Cake

I do not think this dream cake can be found ready made here, therefore, I have a question. Who can make this cake right? Porto’s maybe? Who would you trust?

Ten years ago I had a buffet lunch at a small bar on the second floor of the Hilton in NW Washington. At the dessert table was a rich moist three layer dark chocolate cake that I have dreamed about ever since. The first layer was separated from the second with real raspberries (some mashed and some whole). The second layer was separated from the top layer with a creamy smooth yellow custard. The top layer was white cake. The entire cake was frosted with chocolate fudge frosting and dotted with fresh raspberries.

Confession, while eating this cake for dessert evey day for the three day meeting (all you can eat no less) I though of adding a jar of chunky peanut butter and a spoon as a side thing, if not between a forth layer -- No?

Porto's list of what they do with cake.

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  1. Wow! That cake you describe sounds amazing. Although I need a classic fudge cake for someone's birthday (I already posted about this), I have got to try the cake you describe. PLEASE, PLEASE, if you find one or you have Porto's or another bakery make one, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know where you went & how it turned out.

    1. I'd go to a bakery whose cakes you really like because almost any will work with you to create your dream cake... for a price.

      Give Porto's a call.

      I also really like Hansen's cakes and fillings.

      In terms of custards, I had a great cake filled with an incredible custard from Plusko's in the valley.

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        Emme, where is Plusko's? I love custard and must try this place.

        1. re: brandygirl

          on Sherman Way in Canoga Park.

          Plusko's Bakery
          21013 Sherman Way, Los Angeles, CA 91303

      2. JeetJet,
        My suggestion is Amy's Pastry in Montebello. This bakery has been in business for several decades and they make some of the best-tasting cakes I've ever eaten. I'm sure they would have no problem making you that delicious-sounding dream cake.

        Amy's Pastry
        2208 W. Beverly Blvd (x=Wilcox Ave)

        1. JeetJet, without a doubt you must get to Alsace Lorraine in Long Beach (Atlantic Avenue) post haste. Their cakes are amazing and you can design them however you like. Not only beautiful but incredibly delicious. I know they could make this for you.