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Aug 11, 2007 11:16 PM

Shish Taouk

Where's great shish taouk in Montreal? Usually go to Basha at the main downtown location. Haven't tasted better shish taouk at any other place in Montreal.

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  1. I really like Boustan. They grill the pita sandwich before they serve it to you and I find it adds a nice charred taste. As for just plain shish taouk (not in a pita), Karoun in Laval is excellent.

    1. I'm a shish taouk neophyte at best, but I thought the platter at Amir (St.-Hubert and St. Catherine branch) was highly satisfying.

      1. best chicken shawarma is hands down boustan - nothing even comes close. a distant second is the sara on st laurent and mt royal.

        for real shish taouk, daou can't be beat or you can buy great breasts for grilling at adonis

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          I really like the one at Abu Elias on Côte-Vertu, near the corner of Montpellier.

          1. re: Simon Patrice

            I'm going to agree with Simon Patrice on this one... I'm in the military and I've lived all over Canada, presently I live in Halifax NS, when ever I'm in town (Montreal) Abu Elias is a must, it's a lebanese butcher shop, but they have a charcoal grill, and make fresh sandwiches, they are hot so can be eaten like a meal... first off the meat is halal, from my understanding best grade (you can never go wrong with halal or kosher meat), the rest of the ingredients are fresh, even the garlic, NO powders or pre-made/just add water stuff.

            The meat is pre-marinated, when you order your sandwich, they cock it on the charcoal grill, then make the sandwich, then put the sandwich on the charcoal grill until it's got a nice crisp to it, my personal favorites are the stake sandwich and the shish taouk, and I always ask them to add hot sauce.

            Boustan is a second favorite for shish taouk, ingredients are a little different (use garlic powder) and no charcoal girll, so I would rather drive the extra 20 minutes to Abu Elias and I'd only go Boustan if Abu Elias is closed... after a night out or something. Boustan is slightly more expensive, about a $ or 2. You can get 2 sandwiches and a drink at Abu Elias for about 10$, and the sandwiches are slightly bigger then Boustan's, Amir's and Basha's.

            I've had Basha and Amir before, they have no flavor cause they are cheap with the marinate... garlic sauce is made with garlic powder, I'd rather drive an extra hour and not eat at either one.

            As for Shawarma, I use to like it at Amir before they got really big, and started franchising, it was downhill from there, the best place I've had it is sadly in Abu-Dhabi, I would so go back just for that...loll. if anyone knows of a place that has it that good I'm in montreal for another 2 weeks.

            1. re: Simon Patrice

              Is Abu Elias a sit-down place, or just a take-out counter?

            2. re: celfie

              What's the real shish taouk? Been to Daou before, but can't remember trying their 'shish taouk.'

              1. re: BLM

                Shish taouk is marinated chicken on a skewer that's grilled. What you get in Lebanese fast food places is chicken shawarma: slow vertically roasted meat like the Greek gyro or the Turkish doner.

            3. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Keep it coming, if they're other good places. I'll check them out(some of the places I heard about before)

              What about for beef shawarma(I don't usually order shawarma, but I try it if it's very good)? The same places?

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                The only beef shawarma I like is at the afore-mentionned Karoun.

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                  Hi BLM,

                  My favourite Shish Taouk (never been to Abu Alias, now I must try it) is found in a hidden underground of an office building near McGill, it is called Akli. and is located in the basement of 1000 Sherbrooke, downtown. They do not grill the sandwiches however, they serve a lunch rush so maybe thats why, and also I prefer the plate to the sandwich. They have the freshest ingredients I have ever tasted and the homemade salads are to die for. If you do check it out, let me know what you think.

                2. Another place I have recently discovered for shish taouk is believe it or not the Adonis in Laval. They have a take-out counter with all sorts of grilled meats and prepared foods. It's actually pretty good and almost as good as Boustan.