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Aug 11, 2007 10:07 PM

Coconut Ice Milk Bars

I discovered these at our local Albertson's, oops, Lucky store (18th and Lakeshore in Oakland). They are a cross between popsicles and ice cream bars, and have pieces of coconut in them. I found them delicious. They're made in Pittsburg CA and seem to be Vietnamese.

They come in other flavors (can't remember which) but I've only tried the coconut.

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  1. Are they similar to coconut paletas?

    1. They sound yummy. I've had coconut bars at Mexican stores in Mexico and specialty stores here. I am wondering if it is specific to your Lucky's in the East Bay. I am near a Lucky's (son of Albertson) in SF, hopefully we have them too. Thanks for the tip!

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        I just checked the SF Lucky's on Fulton (son of Albertson's) and I did NOT find the Coconut bars Oakjoan mentioned (sigh). If you can tell us the name on the box and the company, maybe I can do more research in SF Asian food stores and report if I find them elsewhere.

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          Update on Coconut bars at the Luckys (old Albertson's) aka Fulton Mkt. in San Francisco. As of 2/2009 these coconut bars, as described by Oakjoan, are for sale.
          In addition there were red bean, mango and a 4th flavor (can't recall). Love coconut!

          This is the link to the manufacturer of these frozen bars:

          (go back one level & you'll see the different flavors... mango, halo halo, red bean etc.)

      2. I'll have to check that out next time at my local (El Cerrito Plaza) Lucky.

        First had them many yrs ago in Baja and mainland Mex. From Mom and Pop's and carts. Lots of other flavors, watermelon, limon, strawberry(w/ seeds), lemon, etc, etc, etc. But coconut is my tops too. I like the denseness of it, the feel to the tooth and the coconut bits.Refreshing.

        I'm sure there are many different brands around, esp here in the Bay Area.

        Kerns use to have a pineapple/coconut drink in single serve cans. Always available at Lucky and Safeway. Still shows on Kerns' website but can't find it on the shelves. Chunks of coconut fat in it. You had to really shake it hard before popping the top. Great on car camping trips w/ a shot of rum. Gone because of health concerns? Gee, I still see ciggies on the shelf everywhere!

        1. according to the link from the Magnolia (Ramar Foods) Link... It's a Filipino/Asian foods distributor.

          1. Here are some places with Fruit bars

            Yasai Market on College ave in Oakland has them.


            They have the full selection...including Durian at the Asian Market at International and 8th Ave.

            Across the street from the famous Cam Huong Cafe in "New" Chinatown Oakland.