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Looking for the best chocolate molten cake ?

Is there any good suggestion for a great chocolate molten cake in Toronto ? I had a really good one at Mistura, and read from ace123's post that there is a good one at Treadwell (but it is not in TO), where else ? Thanks.

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  1. I would be interested too...I didn't realized that anyone still made this...can a dessert from the 90's be retro comfort food already???

    1. I know this wasn't your question, but I wanted to pipe in and let you know that molten chocolate cakes are very, very easy to make at home. If you're interested, post a question on Home Cooking and I (and many others) would be happy to post a recipe. :)

      Also, President's Choice makes frozen molten chocolate cakes that you can just pop into the oven. Haven't tried them, so can't comment on the quality.

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        We had a very informal dinner soiree one time where the PC cakes were brought by someone, and while I wasn't overly impressed, everyone else was fighting for seconds.

      2. xacutti has a good chocolate something with a hot soft center. it's incredible good

        1. Although not in Toronto, we had a very good yet smallish sized one @ Vineland estates winery. It was our post-wedding reception party. Probably as good as the one I had at Eleven Madison in NYC (the best I've had thus far).

          1. I like the molten chocolate cake at Morton's. It's always gooey and chocolatey. It also comes with Hagaan Daz vanilla ice cream.

            1. I always have the one at Terroni on Victoria. They don't put it in the over until you orber it so it is always hot. I also find that it goes down REALLY well with one of their coffees.

              1. I had a very good one at Opus the other weekend that was served with a nice sorbet.. I dont even like chocolate but it was really nice. Not too heavy or too chocolatey and the sorbet balanced out the flavours nicely

                1. Crazy delicious one at Silver Spoon on Ronscesvalles - everything else there is good too.

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                    I second the Silver Spoon recommendation. For instance, much better compared to the one served at Via Allegro.

                  2. I agree with chocabot, the molten cake at xacutti is pretty good.

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                      This gives me a lots of choices for my next destination for chocolate molten cake, thanks all !