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Aug 11, 2007 10:04 PM

Looking for the best chocolate molten cake ?

Is there any good suggestion for a great chocolate molten cake in Toronto ? I had a really good one at Mistura, and read from ace123's post that there is a good one at Treadwell (but it is not in TO), where else ? Thanks.

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  1. I would be interested too...I didn't realized that anyone still made this...can a dessert from the 90's be retro comfort food already???

    1. I know this wasn't your question, but I wanted to pipe in and let you know that molten chocolate cakes are very, very easy to make at home. If you're interested, post a question on Home Cooking and I (and many others) would be happy to post a recipe. :)

      Also, President's Choice makes frozen molten chocolate cakes that you can just pop into the oven. Haven't tried them, so can't comment on the quality.

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        We had a very informal dinner soiree one time where the PC cakes were brought by someone, and while I wasn't overly impressed, everyone else was fighting for seconds.

      2. xacutti has a good chocolate something with a hot soft center. it's incredible good

        1. Although not in Toronto, we had a very good yet smallish sized one @ Vineland estates winery. It was our post-wedding reception party. Probably as good as the one I had at Eleven Madison in NYC (the best I've had thus far).

          1. I like the molten chocolate cake at Morton's. It's always gooey and chocolatey. It also comes with Hagaan Daz vanilla ice cream.