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Aug 11, 2007 08:35 PM

Cicero Rye Bread

I grew up in Chicago in the 50's and 60's and remember The dark crusted rye bread from a bakery call "Cicero Rye' Later when I moved to Kansas City, the bakery would mail loves of bread to me. About 6 or 7 years ago the owner died, and I never knew if the recipe was passed on or not. This was the best bread I ever tasted. Does anyone in Chicago remember this bread? and do you know if it or a similar bread is available in Chicago.

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  1. Hello,
    Did you ever find any info regarding Cicero Rye? I used to order it for my mother, as my grandparents lived in chicago. My aunt would send loaves of it to us (in Minnesota) and we loved it. In 1996, I found the bakery and ordered bread from them. I can't find the bakery or a recipe like the bread they made. I would appreciate your help, as I love that bread and my mother is now 85 and it would be such a treat for her if I could get the recipe or order bread like it. Thank you for your help!

    1. I too am looking for this bread, and or recipe. I grew up with it and it is the best bread around. I especially loved it with tomatoes and cream cheese!!! Havent found a replacement, although the now extinct Baltic Bakery made one similar. Let me know if you have any luck...tomatoes are in season!

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        The baker at Cicero Rye bread died and I don't think there was awritten recipe. Bruno's bakery at 33rd and Lithuanica wanted to buy the recipe from the widow but she refused to sell. That is why I don't think it was written.
        Bruno's rye bread good but not as good and the freshness is hit or miss. Bread only baked about once a week. Rye bread is a lost art.

      2. I discovered Cicero Rye in 1972 and enjoyed the greatest bread ever untill they closed. I just happened to stop for a freezer refill on the day they were closing. I bought 20 loaves and still have a slice squirled away for my death bed. I asked the owner Virginia if she would sell the recipe, but she refused. Since then Bruno's has been the next best thing (the health bread is different but great). Too bad, it was the greatest rye bread ever!

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          I'm not sure what type of bread Cicero rye was, other than rye. Racine Bakery produces bread similar to the defunct Baltic Bakery (RIP). They will mail their Latvian and Lithuanian ryes along with several others.

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            It was a sourdough rye. Have not found a bakery in the Chicago area that bakes sourdough. Was told by one baker that it's to labot intensive for the low demand.

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              If anyone ever finds a sourdough rye recipe on the internet comparable to the Cicero Rye, please pass it on to me. I will be forever greatfull.


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            You are so right, Cicero Rye was the greatest bread ever!

            I wish I had squirled away a loaf for my death bed. I would would put cream cheese and Lox it, and maybe check out early. :-)

          3. Visiting for a few days and will probably be stuck in the suburbs. Looking for good rye and found this article.


            Any suggestions for good local rye?