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Weetabix...what am I missing? (Moved from Home Cooking)

Probably something you grew up loving, right? Just had my first bowl of it-it's ok, but I think I'm missing something. Fill me in.

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  1. love it, but I am a Brit.

    hmm, it's all about how much milk you put with it - not too much so it goes soggy and not too little so that the biscuits soak up all the milk and then go hard.

    A bit of sugar is good.

    however, I love it with hot milk and brown sugar mix it all up till it's a hot soggy mess. Very filling.

    1. Did you try putting a tiny bit of sugar in it?

      Where did you buy it at? i have bought stale boxes of it before even though i always check the sell by date on imported foods.

      if you usually prefer sugar filled cereals, you won't like this one for sure.

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        I never eat sweetened cereals, I don't like them. I bought it at Whole Foods....they're not stale; I just thought that there must be some sort of creativity involved with fixing them....the post above was helpful. I read some hints on the box, and I poured the milk around it, not on top.

      2. Weetabix is supposed to be something exceptional? We eat Weetabix a lot, but just because we live in Europe and it's a good source of fiber and doesn't have a lot of sugar... The little ones with raisins are a good snack for kids, but again, nothing worth going out of the way for. If I lived in the US, I'd probably go for shredded wheat (though not grape nuts--a pox on them--I cracked a tooth on one once).

        1. mmm, not sure what you were expecting but if you don't like it in a bowl with milk, try it heavily spread with butter (and marmite, if you want the full experience)

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            Yeah, I don't usually eat mine as cereal, but as a snack (a nutritious way to deal with late-night munchies) or something nutritious and portable (when I was running out the door yesterday morning I grabbed a wheetabix and put some peanut butter on it). Sometimes I put them in the toaster oven for a couple of minutes to toast slightly.

            I think Americans are becoming more aware of wheetabix because they started distributing organic wheetabix (made in Canada, I believe), in the US a few years back, presumably aiming at the whole food/health food market. Before that, they weren't widely available.

            I buy them at Trader Joe's, where they're pretty reasonably priced.

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              I love to eat Weetbix with butter and vegemite, they're such a crunchy, delicious snack. I ate them for breakfast often whilst growing up, my mother still eats them every morning. I must admit though that I prefer the NZ/Australian ones to the Canadian version, I can't pass up that malty taste. I find the same with Nestle's Milo.

            2. I grew up eating it and have always loved it. I usually eat it warm.

              1. When I had them in Scotland(every morning for a week) I paired them with banana slices for sweetness. I was in love.

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                1. re: mamamia

                  Trying them with peaches today.

                2. I pour a stripe of maple syrup down the back of 2 dry weetabix, then pour milk around them, half way up, so that the top stays dry. Crunchy, soggy, sticky, yum. My love for them is probably due more to being a great maple substrate than their own flavor, though.

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                    I enjoy Weetabix as they are, with just some (2% or homo) milk, no sugar, fruit or anything, I just like the wheat flavour. But then, I'm strange - no sugar on any form of dry cereal, oatmeal with just some salt and butter, Red River cereal with milk, nothing else.

                    No, I'm not a health nut, I just like them that way.

                  2. I first came across Weetabix when I lived in Australia in the 1980s. There, it was known as Weetbix.

                    Occasionally, I buy a box of Canadian Weetabix. Of note, there was a British shop that I used to frequent (now closed) that sold the UK version. I tried the Canadian and British versions side by side and there is a subtle, but significant difference. The British version (which was similar to what I remembered from Australia) has a maltier flavor.

                    I love how Weetabix soaks up milk and gets all soggy. But that may just be me, having read through the other posts on this thread.

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                    1. re: brentk

                      I am from the US, and have loved Weetabix for a few years, since trying both the British, and Canadian versions. Yes, they are different, but both are quite good in my opinion, with the British having Barley Malt Extract slightly ahead on the ingredient list, hence the maltier taste, I would presume. I love the fact a processed cereal can have so few ingredients, and all organic in the Canadian version.
                      I suppose it would be bland to certain people, but I find that crispy on top, soggy underneath contrast, if you are careful with the milk to be addictive, with either a drizzle of honey, a bit of sugar or even just a pinch of salt.
                      Also, try toasting them as suggested, with a bit of butter etc. It really brings out the maltiness. I have even pre-toasted them before putting on milk, which helps revive slightly stale biscuits and makes them especially nutty tasting.

                      1. re: klieglight2

                        Mmmmm, I'm going to have to try that. I'm warming to them, since I've had them for breakfast every day this week-ususally with milk (poured around, not on top) and a cut up peach. No sugar. I definitely find 2 of them more filling than a big bowl of other cereals.

                    2. My sis introduced me to it and I got hooked. Yeah, it may not seem much, but I must love the whole wheat taste and the combination of textures when milk is poured onto it (Well I use a vanilla flavored soy milk). It can get soggy if it stays a while in a lot of liquid, but doesn't ruin the experience. I've been able to pour enough milk so that I still get a nice crunch...I basically break the bars into large chunks and if I want it sweeter, then I add dried fruits and sometimes nuts for extra crunch.

                      As for a snack, I spread jam, a nut butter or nutella and enjoy. If I'm crazy, then I will have nutella and some ice cream...hahahahahaha. I didn't say it was always healthy. >=)

                      1. I am from NY (I have lived in several countries in Europe, but I don't recall ever having eaten it while in the UK). I tried Weetabix for the first time when I was in my early 20s. I loved it- I still eat it with blueberries and skim several times per week. I am fairly certain that we get the Canadian version here in NYC.

                        1. I bought some this weekend after reading about it on this board. The first day I wasn't so sure, but now I'm hooked. I have just had it with milk and blueberries so far, but I think I will try toasting it with butter. I have a friend from the UK who has sent me a bottle of that guiness marmite and I think I will try that combo as orangewasabi suggested. I looked it up online and I noticed there are also oatabix? Has anyone tried these?

                          1. Maybe you did have to grow up with them. But I didn't and still like them. I put yogurt on fruit and crush the biscuit on top of it all, you can have it crunchy or mushy depending on how much you stir.

                            1. Never heard of it till I came to England. Can't stand it! It goes totally soggy on contact with milk. I can't take the mushiness of it. Yick!