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Aug 11, 2007 08:20 PM

August - Anyone been recently?

I saw Chef Tony Liu on Iron Chef last week and his dishes looked quite good. Any insight as to whether August is worth trying?

Thank you!

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  1. I have the same question, has anyone been to Tony Liu's August?

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    1. re: jacques gaudet

      Yeah, I've been twice and had very nice meals each time. The dishes were rustic, well thought out, and nicely executed. They make very good use of the wood burning oven that is the centerpiece of the restaurant. However, I'm afraid Iron Chef gave the impression that August is haute cuisine -- it is not.

      They don't take reservations and there is a very cramped waiting area. On busy nights the waits can be long but tolerable. This is probably the perfect time of year to go with all the great stuff coming out of the green markets, the city being relatively quiet, and the option to wait outside in the West Village on a nice summer night.

      1. re: zEli173

        i'm pretty sure they do take reseravations - at least they did over the winter which was last time i was there.

        1. re: harrison

          i want to say that its only for parties over 6, but i mgiht be wrong

          1. re: Lau

            August takes reservations for any number party. The policy changed last winter.

    2. August's definately worth trying. They make a great brunch, too!

      1. really like this restaurant, it is one of my favorite restaurants (as a place that i would go to on a regular basis)

        definately get the tarte flambe for an appetizer (best dish there in my opinion) for the main courses generally the dishes are well prepared (we've tried many different things and the menu changes) though last time we were disappointed in the soft shell crabs, so i wouldn't get those if they are on the menu...also sit in the back patio if possible i feel like its less crowded and hectic

        1. The tarte flambe is definitely great - however, I felt like my other dishes (a fish appetizer and fish entree) were not well cooked and were very underseasoned. Perhaps it was just an off night, because almost everything I've read about this place has been great.

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          1. re: pslopian

            if you were to choose between August or Fleur de Sel, what would you choose?

            1. re: jacques gaudet

              apples and oranges - price points, atmosphere and food are all wildly different. august is honest food prepared and presented simply in a warm setting, fleur de sel screams nouvelle cuisine in a dark sterile room.

              for me, august all the way.