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Aug 11, 2007 08:11 PM

Vegetarian in Santa Fe/Thanksgiving

We plan to be in Santa Fe over Thanksgiving. Any suggestions for a restaurant that might be open on Thanksgiving and have vegetarian options? Even a great buffet that has lots of veggies and salads would be great.

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  1. All of the "high end" restaurants ( Anasazi, Compound, Geronimo, SantaCafe, Ristra, Amavi, Fuego - sure I've forgotten sombody) are open for Thanksgiving and all, throughout the year, offer really interesting vegetarian options. The holiday will be no exception.

    As you get closer to making a reservation, call or check their websites; many of which will show the special Holiday menu. Requires some effort but should yield a pleasant meal.

    1. Annapurna (Ayurvedic Cuisine) Is probably your best bet, They now hves a branch in SF. We attended an impressive pre fixe feast at their place in ABQ on Thanksgiving several years ago. They fill up quickly for holidays so I would call early and reserve. The Albuquerque locations' phone is (505) 262-2424.

      You might also try India Palace in SF at www.india

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        Thanks! I had seen some info on this restaurant and want to try it. Didn't know they did Thanksgiving. I'll make a reservation.