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Aug 11, 2007 07:57 PM

Tasty Wok - Authentic Chinese in Plano

Tasty Wok in Plano at the corner of plano parkway and coit is really good.
They serve really good authentic cantonese food there.

Its a small place run by a friendly couple. A lot of the really good stuff isn't on the menu (like a lot of asian restaurants), but ask them for a recommendation.

They're not open on Sundays.

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  1. How is it compared to Din Ho in Austin? We think Din Ho is better than First Chinese BBQ.

    Tasty Wok's dim sum menu looks very good. Do they serve this every day?

    1. You sure they're closed Sundays? I'm pretty sure Chinese places (or Asian places in general) are usually closed either Monday/Tuesday, but not Sunday.

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      1. re: air

        Closed Monday, open Sunday. Dim sum weekends only.

      2. Wow I drive by this place all the time and never knew it was anything more than an express generic Americanized kinda place. I'll have to give it a try.

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        1. re: donnaaries

          Went by Tasty Wok for lunch today. Wow this is one heck of a Hole in the Stripmall. You would think it was in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car complex with the placement of the sign. It's actually in the strip mall next to the liquor store. The lunch "Chinese" menu has noodle/rice dishes in English. I called in to order the Flat Rice Noodle with Beef and Black Bean sauce to go. The owner who picked up said, "Beef with Broccoli?" I said, "no" and repeated my order. He then says, somewhat surprised, "off of the Chinese menu?"

          They do brisk but a lot of lunch business. So I had to sit around and wait 5 minutes for my order even though I called in to order 30 minutes prior. The dish is cheap ($5.50) for a heaping lot of noodles and sprouts. The "sauce" part with the beef and the bellpepper came in a separate container. So you mix the sauce with the noodles yourself. Overall a pretty tasty option for such a low price. But these noodles are nothing compared to the Beef with Black Bean Sauce Noodles from First Chinese BBQ.

          Will go back and try the dim sum (only available on weekends) sometime.

          1. re: donnaaries

            We went back for dim sum today (Sat--they aren't open on Sundays), but they said they serve no dim sum. I tried to explain they had the dim sum menu on their web site, but I couldn't make myself understood in English.

            The only dim-sum type of dish they had was congee (rice soup), but it was just salty with no flavor from the broth (pork or whatever). Maxim's congee isn't the best, but it's waaaaaaay better.

            We also ordered the shrimp dumplings in soup, which they said was their signature dish. It wasn't bad, but nothing special, and if it were their signature dish, you can't really expect much from the rest.

            They also brought the wrong dish due to miscommunication--fried flat rice noodle with BBQ pork. We didn't even finish it--those who know us (as trash cans) know how rarely this happens!

            If at least one of the dishes was outstanding, we were going back, but since it wasn't, we aren't going back.

            The dishes we had at the feast (organized by our friend from HK, who raves about this place) were better, but still there was nothing special to lure us back.

        2. Drove by today and it looks like Tasty Wok has closed its doors for good. A Mexican grill is opening in its place soon.

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          1. re: donnaaries

            Sorry to see another great place go by the wayside....we can only hope for the exit of McDonald's, Chili's, and numerous other chains from the market also!!

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              It closed in Feb. Godwin suggested another feast there before it closed, but we weren't interested...

            2. re: donnaaries

              we were saddened as well, does anyone know what happened, will the chef resurface elsewhere? it was our budget friendly cantonese style place... oh well

              1. re: lizlemon

                I've heard the chef/owner isn't working right now, but many people are talking to him about going back to work. We love Cantonese dishes at Maxim's (from the festive/group menu), though it's not budget friendly.