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Aug 11, 2007 07:21 PM

Dinner at Treadwell - quick review

2 of us went to Treadwell for dinner. Everything went smoothly once we were there. It's nice to sit & eat by the water.

We had the 6 course tasting menu $75, with wine pairing $35. (It's a steal.)
The sommelier, James Treadwell, was very informative & paired wine beautifully. I specially enjoyed the Chardonnay he paired with the white fish & lobster in cream sauce.

The 6 course tasting menu composed of 6 courses from the dinner menu, which were (in correct order):
Foie Gras, Pork, Trout, Whitefish, Short rib & raspberries.
However, we requested for the 2nd person:
Lamb instead of short rib &
Chocolate instead of raspberries.

Altogether, we tasted 8 dishes.

The amouse bouches were in 2 shot glasses: tomato water & tomato foam. The tomato water reminded me of Thuet's version which was equally good. Service was good.

Stephen Treadwell is a very talented chef. Every dish was prepared very good to excellent. I think it's on par with the Exotica Canadiana in Splendido I had last month.

I'll definitely go there again when I'm in the area or even as a destination by itself. It's only 1hr 45 min drive. It's closer than Eigensinn Farm & much easier to get a table.

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  1. BTW, the bittersweet chocolate molten cake is one of the best I ever had. Must try if you like molten cake.

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      I totally agree about the molten chocolate cake. I wrote in a post about a month back how tired I was of this dessert (it's been done at so many TO restaurants, for so long), but that Treadwell's version is just completely, totally delicious!