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Aug 11, 2007 06:15 PM

10 year anniversary

Am celebrating 10 years of bliss. Looking for a resturant around DC area.

Am considering the following:
Cashion's (did our 5th anniv. there)
Fogo De Chao

Not really excited about any of them. Looking for a great place with great dining experience.

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  1. Komi


    possibly Obelisk (I haven't been in a while)


      1. I 2nd Palena and Equinox.

        But it seems like you might want something a step below those 2 places in price. Both can be quite pricey and I feel that Cashion's a little less expensive.

        More in the Cashion's range I would recommend Zola. I feel Zola has a very sexy atmosphere with really good food. The tables are far enough apart to have a private conversation and the service is very nice.

        Another idea might be Dino. I actually went there for a little mini-celebration with my boyfriend and we thought it was really nice. Although I've heard from a few people who go more often that its not very romantiic.

        If you are into delicious French bistro food you should check out Bistro D'Oc. I find the surrondings very charming and intimate and the food is some of the best french bistro food in the city.

        Also if you feel like getting dressed up and having a classic DC dinner you can check out 1789. They have a special coupon deal going on so it will be significantly less in price then usual. An excellent deal!!

        1. Taberna del Alabardero

          1. Restaurant Eve's tasting room, hands down.

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            1. re: jpschust

              I disagree re: Restaurant Eve, but I know jpschust has more experience there than I.

              I'd highly recommend Palena and Komi. Both are on the higher price side, but excellent.

              For a rung down pricewise, Dino is also a good suggestion as I think would be Corduroy.