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What are some fun cupcake flavors you have made?

I have done red velvet with the new whipped cream flavored icing (I don't eat cream cheese), and I'm looking for some other fun flavors to make soon.

I'm thinking lemon with lemon icing, but I made a key lime cake once, and that would make good cupcakes too, with the whipped cream icing. But I'm also considering non-citrus.

What are some fun ones you all have made?

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  1. Simple vanilla/yellow/white cake, but the kicker is some Nutella as the icing! Delicious!

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      I like strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese but you could use buttercream intead.


    2. use to make so many cupcakes. my personal favorite was strawberry cupcakes with either vanilla or no icing. but my roomies fave were my black forest cupcakes and my oreo cupcakes.

      1. Mocha Caramel... Slightly mocha-ized white cake, mocha buttercream frosting and a caramel drizzle

        Vanilla cupcake with a bing cherry swirl and chopped hazelnuts w/ or w/o a light vanilla glaze

        1. Black sesame cupcakes with a matcha frosting. I got the idea from an LA blogger living in Japan, but didn't use her recipe. Very interesting appearance--dark bluish grey cupcakes with bright green frosting! Tasted absolutely fantastic, but I love neri goma. You'd have to love the flavor to get over the colors.

          1. Ginger cupcakes with a simple lime icing - took about two minutes with the food processor, then about two minutes for everyone to eat the lot! Big success..

            1. chocolate with chocolate ganache and grand mariner, and they flew off the plate.

              1. I made lemon cupcakes with lemon icing and filled the cupcakes with blackberry buttercream to break up the lemon. Garnished each with a blackberrry and they were awesome. Another recent success--banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting drizzled with dark chocolate.

                1. These all sound so good. Thanks for the ideas! (thread still open if anyone else wants to contribute!)

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                    i made pb&j cupcakes - i think tyler florence's (essentially a scratch yellow cupcake with jelly center and peanut butter icing). would have liked the cupcake a BIT less dry and i definitely needed help to get more jelly inside - it's not good to use the natural kind because it's too thick to squeeze in well. was a really fun idea though and would try again.


                  2. I just had some cupcakes from a Latino market made with Apple juice and NO icing. Muy delicioso!

                    1. I've only made one of the cupcake recipes from this site (the devil's food cupcake), but it has to be one of the most inventive ones in terms of cupcake ideas. Plus, the pictures are just so pretty!


                      1. The cupcakes I make that I like the best are the lemon cupcakes (I use the 1-2-3-4 lemon poundcake recipe from Martha Stewart) topped with whipped cream/lemon curd folded together to make a tangy lemon cream, topped with berries.

                        1. One easy crowd pleaser is cookies-and-cream cupcakes. Make standard devil's food cupcakes. Then for the topping: Crush oreos finely with a rolling pin and set aside. Fold whipped cream into your favorite "regular" white frosting (buttercream/vanilla/cream cheese/etc). I specifically make a buttercream frosting substituting some cream cheese for some of the butter. But if I don't particularly care for the guests, Betty Crocker Whipped Cream Cheese frosting isn't bad. You want more whipped cream than frosting (well, at least I do.) Then sprinkle some crushed oreos on top, fold in gently. Sprinkle in more crushes oreos, fold in gently. And so on until you are satisified with the cookies to cream ratio, if you will.

                          Store the frosting in the fridge and the cupcakes at room temp. Then, 20 minutes before you are ready to serve, frost the cupcakes and place the cupcakes in the freezer. Take them out after 20 mins and serve immediately. If you made the frosting "light" enough, it will taste a little ice creamy and everyone will love it. :)

                          Store the leftovers in the fridge or the whipped cream in the frosting will become runny.

                          1. Since you asked for 'fun' rather than delicious...

                            I once made tomato cupcakes by accident. They were supposed to be beetroot, but a housemate put tomato paste in a tupperware in the fridge, identical to the tupperware containing my lovingly made beetroot puree. In the kitchen's bad fluorescent lighting, it all looked the same, and it was only when I tasted the batter that I discovered my mistake. I baked them anyway (for a laugh) and frosted them with basil frosting (which had been made for chocolate cupcakes). Very pretty, but tasted like campbell's soup in cupcake form!

                            1. Rosemary cupcakes with goat cheese
                              Pistachio cupcakes with cranberry puree
                              Brownie cupcakes with marshmallow tops
                              Raspberry cupcakes with orange glace
                              Angel food cupcakes with nutella & coconut shavings

                              1. Coconut cupcakes filled with lime curd (I punched out the middles with a pastry bag tip), coconut frosting.

                                Planning to make yellow cake filled with butterscotch budino (the Nancy Silverton recipe) and topped with chocolate ganache and fleur de sel.