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Aug 11, 2007 06:08 PM

What are some fun cupcake flavors you have made?

I have done red velvet with the new whipped cream flavored icing (I don't eat cream cheese), and I'm looking for some other fun flavors to make soon.

I'm thinking lemon with lemon icing, but I made a key lime cake once, and that would make good cupcakes too, with the whipped cream icing. But I'm also considering non-citrus.

What are some fun ones you all have made?

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  1. Simple vanilla/yellow/white cake, but the kicker is some Nutella as the icing! Delicious!

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      I like strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese but you could use buttercream intead.

    2. use to make so many cupcakes. my personal favorite was strawberry cupcakes with either vanilla or no icing. but my roomies fave were my black forest cupcakes and my oreo cupcakes.

      1. Mocha Caramel... Slightly mocha-ized white cake, mocha buttercream frosting and a caramel drizzle

        Vanilla cupcake with a bing cherry swirl and chopped hazelnuts w/ or w/o a light vanilla glaze

        1. Black sesame cupcakes with a matcha frosting. I got the idea from an LA blogger living in Japan, but didn't use her recipe. Very interesting appearance--dark bluish grey cupcakes with bright green frosting! Tasted absolutely fantastic, but I love neri goma. You'd have to love the flavor to get over the colors.

          1. Ginger cupcakes with a simple lime icing - took about two minutes with the food processor, then about two minutes for everyone to eat the lot! Big success..