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Aug 11, 2007 05:10 PM

Chinese dinner, worth the SGV trip?

When it comes to SGV Chinese restaurants, these boards tend to be on the dim-sum-centric side, which is good, because dim sum is good. But alas, man can not live on shu mai and turnip cakes alone... sometimes you want something that's available past 2 p.m. So, where are the good SGV dinner spots?
I've found a handful of places that were worth a stop when I happen to be in the neighborhood, but the only restaurant that's lured me into the that far east on Fwy 10 on its own -- again and again -- has been Chung King, in San Gabriel. But alas, man can not live on ma po tofu alone. Anyone know of any SGV Chinese spots that are as good, authentic and reasonably priced as Chung King? I'm open to all genres of Chinese food.

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  1. Some of my favorite places, to start you off. None of these places will break the bank.

    Green Village - Shanghainese
    J&J - xiaolongbao dumplings
    101 Noodle Express - dumplings, beef pancake roll
    Dong Ting Chun - Hunan fish head casserole
    Cafe Eight - Guilin beef noodles
    Best Sichuan - Sichuanese
    China Islamic - um, Chinese Islamic?

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      Absolutely second the Green Village, Seafood Village and China Islamic recommendations -- were it not for the fact that I have Mas' Chinese Islamic in Anaheim so much closer, I'd be in Rosemead eating thin sesame-and-green-onion bread monthly.

      Add Ji Rong for their impossibly good tofu noodles and Little Fat Sheep on Valley Blvd. for hot pot, and Regent Cafe for the Chinese take on Western food (when's the last time you had lobster Thermidor?).

    2. Some additions:
      Newport Seafood
      (Las Tunas @ Mission, San Gabriel)
      Viet/Chinese - see many posts on this place.

      Szechuan place across from Triumphal Palace (Main St. east of Atlantic, Alhambra)
      New(ish) owners speak English. Cold apps still great, liberal Sz. peppercorn usage - awesome.

      And on a hot night...

      Malan Noodles (Hacienda Blvd. south of 60 Fwy.) - this place has gotten mixed reviews on this board, but I was just in here for lunch and had "cold noodles with chicken", which is a platter of peanut sauce-covered noodles, thin-sliced chicken and cucumber, served with a little bowl of beef pho-like broth. Also had (cold, but cooked) spinach in ginger sauce appetizer, which was all pretty excellent on a hot day.

      1. Seafood Village for chiu chow.

        Also, all the usual dim sum suspects (e.g. 888, Sea Harbour, Ocean Star, etc.) all serve good to great dinner fare.

        Seafood Village
        9669 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780

        1. Savoy for Hainan chicken
          Top Island, 888, Ocean Star, Capital Seafood, Empress Harbourm, Full House: Cantonese/seafood
          Seafood Village: Chiu Chow
          Garden Cafe or Regency for HK style cafe
          Little Fat Sheep for hot pot
          Mei Long Village

          1. Thanks for all these, folks.
            By the way, the Shanghainese recommendations make me realize I wasn't exactly accurate in my original post. Chung King's not the only place that has had the power to lure me into the San Gabriel Valley on its own. Din Tai Fung in Arcadia does it for me me too.