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Aug 11, 2007 04:58 PM

Chicken Tacos with Rotisserie Chicken -- Bad Idea?

I'm hosting a taco party and want a quick, easy, chicken option. I was contemplating shredding a rotisserie chicken and serviing it with the other toppings (onions, queso fresco, peppers, etc). Will store-bought (Whole Foods) rotisserie chicken just be too flavorless? Or is there another easy make-ahead chicken taco method someone can suggest?

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  1. Go ahead and get the chicken. Taste it, and if it's too bland, you can simply saute the shredded meat with some additional seasonings...cumin, garlic, chile powder....until it tastes the way you like it.

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      If possible, I would buy pre cooked chick breasts to make it easier. I shred them, and since they are cooked, I add Lawrys Taco seasoning with a bit of broth or water and heat slowly until liquid has nearly disappeared. You could do a taco bar and let people make their own by setting out all sort of filling options. I would buy several salsas and pico de know the rest.

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        I wouldn't re-cook the already cooked chicken. It somehow always tastes worse. Just toss it with some seasonings and serve with lots of good stuff - guac., shredded lettuce, cilantro, chopped onions, salsa, beans, cheese, blablahblahblah.

      2. I like the rotisserie idea. Definitely have a variety of sauces - hot, mild, green, red, etc.

        1. Totally a smart time saving idea. However, I do not share Gail's notion that you should limit yourself to chicken breasts. Whole Foods rotisserie chicken is great--pull it off the bones with your hands, mixing the dark and light meat! Of course you'll be using fresh, hot (steamed) corn tortillas, won't you?

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            crhtoo, I was focused on the OP's "quick and easy". It takes time to defat, deskin and go through all the small bones, etc. Usually I prefer dark meat because it's less dry, but with the salsas, etc that is not an issue.

          2. For my fabulous (if I do say so myself) Tarragon Chicken Salad, I buy the frozen boneless skinless breasts and poach them. I add garlic/tarragon to the poaching liquid and it tastes great. And it's FAST. You don't even have to thaw them first.

            No reason you couldn't poach using any spices you want.

            Also because you're controlling the cook time, you can be assured they won't be dried out.

            I sometimes find the rotisserie chicken is great for dark meat, but the breast is dry dry dry.

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              I bake boneless skinless breasts in cream or milk/cream for about 30 mins at 350. This suggestion changed my chicken-cooking life, courtesy of a hound who had spotted it in The New Basics. Chicken is moist, just divine every time.

              I also like grilled chicken for tacos. Yum.

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                What I don't understand is why take the easy way out. You are having a taco tasting party...not a quick cook party. The rotisserie chicken will be fine; however, if you want to ooh and aah your guests...spend a few extra minutes and do it right.

            2. Yeah, you could.

              But just as easy (yes you cook but no you don't have to de-bone rotisserie chickens) would be to cut bomeless breast halves in 1/4 (approx) lengthwise, quick cook in hot skillet, and when half done (or so) add a splash of bottled Goya marinade ("Mojo Criollo" or, for hot-spicy, "Mojo Chipotle" - there are other brands), cover a couple of minutes, trhen uncover and reduce.

              Let cool a bit, then slice or shed as desired.

              If you're in the Hispanic section, look in the cooler for selections of white cheese and Hispanic-style sour cream ("crema"), both of which taste better on a taco than the cheddar and sour cream that we associate with "Taco Bell"-style tacos.