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Macaroons at Madeleine- amazing!

The macaroons at Madeline (128 W. 23 b/w 6 and 7th) are unbelievable! They are the best macaroons I have had by far in the city. I have been thoroughly disappointed with Bouchon's macaroons-- which are stale and slightly soggy-- and also have run the the Fauchon's on the East Side (is it closed now?). Anyways, they are perfect! Just like Confiserie Spr√ľngli in Switzerland.

The best one that I had was vanilla. Pure and creamy, perfect texture. Macaroons are all about texture. I wish I could post a picture or something, but the edges are all crispy and the inside is slightly doughy. The buttercream or ganache was the perfect room temperature and instantly became liquid in my mouth.

I also had raspberry-blueberry, and the dark chocolate one had a much firmer cream inside (chocolate thickens up the filling, but good flavor!)

They have about fifteen flavors-- including, what I can think off the top of my head-- vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry, praline, nougat, raspberry-blueberry, lemon, pistachio, coconut-blood orange? They also have some interesting ones with apricot and bergamot, etc.

They are a little pricey at 2.50 a piece but completely worth it.

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  1. Wow from your description these sound exactly like the macaroons from Laduree in Paris (which I love and miss.) The macaroons in NY have been very disappointing but I'll stop by Madeleine after work today, with high expectations and higher hopes.

    1. I just had the vanilla one too and it was very very good. I think it is the closest that I've had to Laduree's. Today, they had 25 flavors. The nice woman at the counter stopped telling me their names after the first 10. I also bought a chocolate and an almond one but haven't had them yet.

      1. I tried it as well and the Macaroons are really good. The only thing I would say is that I think they use a buttercream; I had mine in the store and it was refrigerated so the cream was tasty but a little firm. Next time I'll make sure mine is at room temperature before I eat it.

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          No way do I have the will power to wait for them to reach room temperature.

        2. I went yesterday - very cute place, nice people. I tried the coconut-blood orange and the one called Verger (apricot, pear, etc). Both were very good - the Verger was my favorite of the two. NIce place to hang out!

          1. Macaroons or macarons? I like Payard's macarons.

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              I had the cassis yesterday - the sharpness of the currants worked wonderfully with the sweet treat. my waistline will certainly suffer as this bakery is right near my office. I also tried a sample of a cherry tart that was sublime.

            2. Wow... ok, I must get over there. I have been avoiding Fouchon lately because I really do not like the people who work there (though I used to really enjoy their macarons). Madeleine it is....

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                Has anyone tried any of their other offerings?? Such as their pastries....tarts..etc...

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                  So, I did try le madeleine yesterday, and they are very very good. Nice crispy meringue outside meets creamy tangy/sweet inside. I brought a dozen over to my relatives' home, and that way we got to sample many flavors. Overall, I liked the fruit flavors best. Cassis, passion fruit, strawberry were all spectacular. Regrettably, I did not get the agrume, and they were out of the Verger.... they were also out of vanilla. I did get dark chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and coconut, with hazelnut being the winner in this group. Rich, chewy, and one of the best I have ever eaten, on par with the macaron sold anywhere in Paris. Usually, my favorite flavor (and benchmark) is pistachio, and I was not thrilled with this one. I felt the pistachio flavor was so strong that I sensed something artificial about it. It was not bad, by any means, but this was the only one that I did not prefer to Fauchon or Payard. I did not care for the coconut- the liquor flavor was much too overpowering in the one I ate. One last flavor, which I had never seen before, and was curious to try, is called "red wine". It was more like a deep red-hued neutral flavor cookie with the faintest hint of fermented grape. It was good, interesting, not great. We also tried the brioche with almond cream, just for fun- boy was it delicious. One of the most buttery, cakey brioche I have ever tasted, with just the right amount of sweetness (not much). The pain croissant was delicious, but not too different from what is already available at Patisserie Claude or Bouchon. I must still try the blood orange, vanilla, and verger... they sound wonderful. The fruit tarts look good, too.

              2. How do their macaroons compare with the ones from Le Pain Quotidien? The ones there are organic, baked fresh every day, cost one dollar and only one flavor, I believe coconut.

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                  You're referring to the coconut macaroons not the French macarons that most of us are talking about on this post. Here's a photo that I took of the Verger macaron from Madeline that I ate a few days ago.


                  I have yet to write my review on my blog...

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                    la maison du chocolat also carries macaroons. they are very good, but i'm imagining they might be better at madeleine. if i feel like indulging, i'll go to la maison since it's close to my work place. actually, if i want something sweet, i'll head to minamoto kitchen, which is closer to me. :-)

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                      Nice pics "chocokitty". I see you had the croissant and the madeline, how were they?

                      Did anyone else try anything else besides the macarons?

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                        I had a mini chocolate almond croissant ($1.25) from there this morning. Dark chocolate filling it seems, but I don't think the almond flavor was too strong. I haven't had a chocolate almond croissant in a long time so I can't compare it with anywhere else. But overall I liked it.

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                          The pistachio madeline was quite scrumptious. It's very moist, buttery, and enough pistachio flavor that it doesn't taste artificial. Their plain croissant was soggy when I had it probably it was due to the inclement weather we had the past Friday. But when I had their mini chocolate croissant it was quite good: it's flaky and good dark chocolate.

                          I seriously need to start writing my review about them on my blog...


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                          I had LMDC's macarons a couple of months ago. I loved their pure chocolate macaron and the Quito. In terms of texture, I liked Madeline's more, It's something about that ethereally thin crust on the macaron meets the soft, chewy innards with a creamy filling that make it so darn appealing to eat.

                          I love Minamoto Kitchoan whenever I'm craving for beautiful Japanese wagashis.


                    2. This bakery is absolutely charming and yes, the macarons are definitely the closest thing to the ones you can get in Paris at Laduree (or most patisseries for that matter), including the incredible variety of flavors. The size of the macaron is somewhere in between the small and the large ones sold at Laduree. They should definitely be eaten at room temperature, otherwise the sensation of the filling is like eating cold butter. They also offer quiche, which I'm dying to try for lunch one day. The croissants, especially the almond ones, also look very good.

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                        It has now been put on my must try list!
                        Maybe it'll fill the void left by the closing of Fauchon....sigh.

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                          Go, immediately. It will fill the macaron void. Not open on Sundays until Septermber probably I was told today.

                      2. I tried four macarons so far and I found all of them to be delicious. The small drawback was that the fleur d'oranger was a tad drier than the other three I've tried (Argumes, Verger, and the Coconut, Blood Orange, and White Chocolate).

                        My post with photos and review on all the pastries and macarons I've tried so far:

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                          the coconut with rum was also fantastic. the rum dominates a bit, but in a good way.

                        2. I agree - just bought five this morning to have for dessert after lunch. (BTW - if you meet my husband, I only bought four when I popped in while he was waiting in the car - I ate the apricot/bergamot one while cooking lunch.) Our absolute favorite was the Argumes (Mandarin, Orange Zest, Cointreau, and Bergamote - chocokitty thanks for the description, I lifted it from you!), then the hazelnut, the plum (which seemed to have a cinnamon outside and plum butter cream), and lastly the chocolate - which was indeed v. good. These are v. fragile, so we had to eat all of them so as not let them deterioriate. Somehow they manage to be delicate and incredibly rich at the same time.

                          The ostensible reason for the visit was so that I could pick up breakfast en route from Chelsea WF to the Union Square farmer's market, as I get cranky when I am hungry. I had an almond chocolate croissant, which was quite good, nice flavors, but something was wrong with the top - it was crunchy, as if there was a thick layer of crunch instead of a light crispy outside. Croissants looked amazing, and the tartes absolutely beautiful.

                          Can't wait to try some other macarons from here - definitely better than Maison du Chocolat or Fauchon (which I believe is closed right now) in my book.

                          1. I went back to Madeleine today. I was totally blown away by a new flavor- Champagne/ Apricot- and had to share it with you all. Also tried coconut/white chocolate, which was absolutely rich and creamy and delicious.

                            1. I had a new flavor today as well--calvados. Nice autumnal apple flavor. I wasn't as impressed with the hot chocolate. It looks like they have a lot of new flavors.

                              1. I love it there. My fave is the Caramel Sea Salt macaron and the berry ones too.
                                I did a comic about this place for The L Magazine which you can see here: