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Best peanut butter to use for cookies?

I want to make some peanut butter toffee cookies and it calls for smooth peanut butter. Is there a more favored brand of peanut butter for cookies?

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  1. No matter what style smooth or crunchy I like the flavor of JIF.

    1. Take a look a the Cooks' Illustrated taste-off for PBs in and out of cookies... http://www.cooksillustrated.com/image...

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        Thanks!! This helps a lot! :) I love America's Test Kitchen but I don't subscribe to Cook's Illustrated. :)

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          that's crazy to me that people all hated the natural pbs. interesting. i love smucker's natural and that ground at the store (although the grind your own is HARD to cook with). And I like many of the organic brands but you have to be careful since many of the organics aren't sugar free the way the naturals are.

      2. Jif has worked best for me. I find Skippy too salty.

        1. JIF by far. Dark, rich and creamy.

          1. JIF, especially when baking.

            1. dinami, if you buy a bag of roasted peanuts and good quality peanut oil you've got the makings for homemade, smooth or crunchy pb with a quick whirl in the food processor. It's an easy, first step to baking without the added sugar. You can't get any fresher!

              1. I used to make peanut butter cookies ALL the time and I loved Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter I got from a peanut butter store in the Mall of America. You couldn't really taste the chocolate in the cookies but it made them so rich.

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                    holy pb! that's some wild adult pb..pays to be creative!
                    I can't imagine pb & sun dried tomato...wow

                    thanks for the link-might make for an interesting gift.

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                      Yes, I've been to PB Loco several times and sampled all (yes, all) of the peanut butters as I'm a complete fanatic. They're all delicious, but I especially love the mocha for breakfast items and the asian curry spice for satays (have seen several different spellings for this word..?). Fun store, I definitely recommend stopping by if you're around the area.

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                        Their recipe for Baked French Toast (avail on the website) looks great! I found a local PB Loco supplier!

                1. Peter Pan brand because most of the recipes I make using peanut butter come from a Peter Pan cook book that I have.