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Aug 11, 2007 04:11 PM

Anyone try Palmetto?

Thinking of doing a group dinner there later this month. Seen a few reviews (mostly mixed) on Yelp, but wanted to see what the 'hounds thought...

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  1. Palmetto has really great food--it's based on tradition, but definitely has a modern touch. Everything is presented artistically and has very balanced flavors. The prices are reasonable for all the nice ingredients they use. The ambiance can be a bit Marina-like and noisy, but there are different sections of the restaurant to sit depending on your preference. They also have a pretty unique dessert menu and the cocktails are intersting. The servers seem kind of young and inexperienced, so that is a drawback, but at least they are friendly and eager. The food is subtle and complex without being pretentious or fussy.

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