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Aug 11, 2007 04:09 PM

Cheese plate in Harvard Square?

Any good places for a casual glass of wine and some nice cheese in the Harvard Sq area?


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  1. Upstairs on the Square has an artisinal cheese plate on their dessert menu, and is a portion of their tasting menus.

    Harvest has one on their dessert menu:

    Henrietta's Table also has one on their dessert menu:

    Sandrine's also carries one:

    Grafton Street has one on their dinner app menu:

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    1. re: Truh

      upstairs is the best bet here, with sandrine's running second. i was shocked to see a cheese course on the grafton menu. i should have settled for shock rather than the actuality.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        I recall seeing it on a table before, and you'd feel shock and horror as well. From what I remember, it was grocery store havarti, maybe a cheddar and gouda, plus some bad bread and grapes.

        1. re: MB fka MB

          oh! we actually ordered it! what you describe sounds about right, lol.

      2. re: Truh

        Only one I've tried is Harvest, but I do recall enjoying it.

      3. It may not be in the context you are looking for (casual stop in), however Craigie Street generally does an outstanding job with their cheese course.

        1. not harvard, but my favorite is at the other side cafe near newbury street. fruit bread and cheese plate, good beer and rock n roll.

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          1. re: trev80

            other side serves the cheese straight from the fridge, not tempered. really bad way to serve brie.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              nothing fancy there, I go more for the beer and to hang out with friends.

          2. I'm almost positive I ate a cheese plate at Om once. I also drank two orange infused manhattans, though, so the details of that night are a little fuzzy...

            1. Something I've discovered recently (why did it take me so long?) is that Rialto (considered one of Boston's top restaurants, and pricey) in the Charles Hotel has a great deal before 7 pm: small glass of wine and some complementary grazing of their antipasti (usually bruschetta). I'm putting you on to something good here.

              Another good option is Finale (behind the Holyoke Center). It's a very good place for dessert, but they also have a dinner appetizer menu, which includes small bites including cheese.

              I find Upstairs on the Square whimsical and trying to achieve character but ultimately failing. Henrietta's seems like a good choice, though I don't recall if they have a bar area (in any case, it's across the hall from Rialto). Sandrine's is nice and also has a decent-sized bar. Grafton Street is pub, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

              This may be my NY bias, but I find most places in Boston ultimately disappointing. Either they are upscale and elegant, but then lack vibe or young and studenty but lack quality. All in all I believe the Finale manages to bridge the two reasonably well. You're clear stuck in Boston so good luck!