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Aug 11, 2007 03:42 PM

Lunch/brunch in Harvard Square

Any suggestions for weekend lunch/brunch in Harvard square? Outdoor seating a bonus. Thanks!

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  1. Z square restaurant just opened (I think last year). There are some tables out on the side. Would recommend their steak sandwich and beignets. If the weather is nice, there might be some seats outside of Bartley's hamburgers- one of the best burgers around. Would recommend the Viagra burger- blue cheese and bacon. You can also always pick something up anywhere and sit on the benches outside of Peet's coffee. Cheers!

    1. Grafton Street has a nice brunch menu and an outdoor patio

      1. Henrietta's Table has a good Sunday brunch, and outddor seating on their patio during the summer months:

        Warning: the patio at Grafton Street is mere feet from cars hurtling down Mass. Ave. and Bow St.

        1. I'd also consider La Creperie, on Arrow street near Harvard Sq.

          1. I second Grafton Street, although it can get crowded. Highly recommend skipping dessert and taking a short post-brunch walk for the delectable hot chocolate at LA Burdick's (on Brattle St).

            Other good eating options: Tanjore or Cafe of India (good for Indian lunches), pick up good middle eastern food at Sabra (Eliot St) and eat at Peet's as someone suggested (cheap option).

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              LA Burdick is not open, but their website indicates that it should be soon.