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Aug 11, 2007 03:07 PM

Propane tank refills in Toronto


Does anybody know where to get bbq propane tanks refilled in the city? I'm in the annex.


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  1. No problem. On the north side of dupont just west of bathurst. Should be pretty close to you.

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    1. re: tellerium

      the above spot is good and it is open on Sundays as's right next to the Beer Store on Dupont.

    2. Many gas stations do it for a flat rate, but not sure what is near you.
      An extra tip is to record the weights of your empty and filled tanks for future BBQs! They should have scales at the propane stations.

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      1. re: jinxed

        The fellow at Bathurst and Dupont is open 24/7 (I assume for propane-fueled cabs) and is always cheaper than doing a tradein at the gas station - should be $16 for a regular tank. He won't fill an expired tank, however, so if you're in that situation, it might be best to try the gas station. I saw him turn down a bribe on that issue one time when I was waiting in line...

      2. As (less convenient) alternatives, there are 24/7 stations at Sherbourne/Richmond and at Dundas/Carlaw.

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        1. re: embee

          Sherbourne/Richmond is no longer.

        2. Any Canadian tire or local gas station should have em :)

          1. Another option is propane delivery. We also live in the Annex and do not have a car. The company Sunrise Propane will deliver a tank within 24 hours of calling. It only costs $20 for each new tank. The trick is you have to buy a tank from them. We bought two so there is always a spare. Here is the website: