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Aug 11, 2007 02:01 PM

Davis Sq. Suggestion for Dinner Tomorrow

I'm looking for a recommendation for dinner tomorrow night (Sunday) in Davis Sq. or nearby for two girls (mid-20s) and one mom. We are all adventurous with food, but I am allergic to shellfish, so I tend to shy away from seafood menus. We are looking for something 15-20 dollars for an entree. I haven't seen my friend for a while, so somewhere we can chat without having to yell over music or tvs, etc would be nice. Outdoor seating would be great too because the weather has been lovely but not required at all.

A friend suuggested Redbones, but I don't know much about it other than its bbq. And I've been to Orleans, found it ok, think it has outdoor seating during the summer, but also want to try something new. Have wanted to try Sagra too but is it within my budget, etc?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I think Sagra should be within your budget, and the food is far better than at either of the other two, in my opinion.

    1. Martsa on Elm is wonderful and small and cozy. perfect for catching up with friend and mom :) they dont have a license for liquor as far as i know, so if you were hoping to enjoy some wine/cocktails/beers with dinner, this wouldnt be ideal. but they do have some tasty iced beverages.... Also, it's nice and cheap and i have never been disappointed by what i have ordered! sadly, it's been a number of months since i last went, but it still holds a very special place in my heart.

      1. Redbones can get pretty loud - the tables are packed in close together and it gets crowded. I like Namaskar, if you're in the mood for Indian.

        1. Can't go wrong with Gargoyle's - I think they open the tall widows in the bar area, which lend to an al fresco environment.

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            I'd second the vote for Gargoyles - sit in the bar and you'll have the option of either the bar or full menu -they're currently doing a $29 3-course prix fixe. I also concur with the rec for Namaskar, but you have to be in the mood for Indian food!

          2. Sagra should be in your price range, as long as you don't pick the steak, but it's never struck me as very quiet. Redbones gets pretty rowdy as well. I'd agree with the poster who suggested Namaskar. Good food, very reasonably priced and quiet. You could also go up into Teele Square and try Sabur. A few entrees are in the low 20's, but many are in the $15-20 range, plus there are also terrific mezze if you feel like combining those for a meal. It's very nice, pretty atmosphere, and if you want, there is an outdoor patio.