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Aug 11, 2007 02:00 PM

canning supplies

Where can I purchase mason/bell jars and other canning supplies in boston/somerville? Market basket maybe?

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  1. Tags hardware in Porter Square has canning supplies.

    1. Old-timey hardware stores (think pre-Home Depot, like Aubuchon) usually have a good selection of canning supplies. Market Basket may have them and Wal-Mart and K-Mart usually have them, too.

      1. Everyone's suggestions are right on. Stop & Shop's also have canning jars - don't know if there are any near you. The True Value Hardware store in the North End must have them, too.

        1. In the past I've found them at craft stores like AC Moore or Michaels. But I haven't bought any in a while.

          1. I know this thread is old, but just an update for anyone looking now - while I found one or two boxes of Ball 8oz jam jars at Market Basket last year, they seem not to be carrying them anymore. No luck in any other grocery stores either. Tags in Porter, however, has a huge selection (half-pint, pint, quart, quilted, plain, wide-mouth, lids) and plenty in stock.

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              I don't imagine most stores have them at this time of year, but I usually see a good display in Shaw's when it's peak canning time in late July/August.

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                but strawberries are ripe now! ; )

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                Thanks for the info. It seems that they are getting harder to come by. I can't decide if places aren't carrying them or that more people are using them. I hope it is the later. I once asked Ball how many cases I would need to take to get an order from directly from them. At that point it was 15 cases. Wonder what it is now and whether enough people could get together for an order. Anyone interested?

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                  The last I checked, my local Ace Hardware in Arlington had a variety of canning jars. (Shattuck on Mill St.) I haven't looked in a few weeks but I'm betting they still have a good selection.