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Aug 11, 2007 01:51 PM

Bing Place

I saw that the Bing place was no longer there. Is it closed? Re-opening somewhere else?

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  1. someone said it had closed, which is a real shame as they were really tasty..

    1. yup the space is definitely vacated. they were good when they first opened, and then the bings stopped being as fresh. i think that they would have seen a lot more success had they rented a smaller space. overall it was a good product but at $1.50 (give or take) a piece, my guess is that the finances were not possible.

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      1. re: jdream

        Can I get something like bings anywhere else in Manhattan or other boroughs?

        1. re: gtrekker2003

          Province Chinese Canteen down on the Chinatown-Tribeca border specializes in a highbrow take on the bing. They use the same sort of doughy sesame-seeded bun, but they fill it with vastly superior grilled meats and fresh or pickled veggies (think shortrib and kimchi). All in all it ends up being more of a sandwich than an enclosed bun, but there are some excellent flavors playing off each other. Unfortunately, the price-point jumps to about $4-5 bucks per sandwich, but the value is still solid given the increase in quality. I also recall that they close pretty early (8 or 9pm most nights).

        2. re: jdream

          Wow that's sad. They were really nice and the bings were good. That location is difficult though.