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Aug 11, 2007 01:17 PM

Suggestions for pairing with coconut crusted talapia?

Looking for suggestions for pairing with coconut crusted talapia tomorrow night. Have not picked the sides yet, but assume they will be something fairly innocuious. Location is SOCAL in terms of considering what might be available.

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  1. Elegant CA Chardonnay.

    What is your price range? If you can swing for it, I'd do something like a Ramey Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay.

    You could also do a Roussanne. The Qupe Bien Nacido is generally particularly fine.

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      Price range is open - but anything from $20 (or less) to $50 works. I know I can get the Qupe locally, and have not tried it before, so this might be a good chance to do so.

    2. Some rieslings have a hint of toasted coconut (and pineapple) in the flavour profile that should work well; pick a kabinett level riesling. Another possibility are NZ sauvignon blancs e.g. Cloudy Bay with touches off passionfruit that should complement coconut.

      1. Chardonnay or Chardonnay/Semillion blend would be my safest choices. If we're talking ALOT of coconut in the flavor, if you had a little tasting glass of Sauternes on the side along with your "main" white wine, that would be very cool

        1. John Anthony Sauv Blanc

          When I last had it, I was struck with this dried pineapple taste that would marry so well with the coconut! This is a tropical SB with none of the herbacious or "cat pee" smells typically associated with the varietal.