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Aug 11, 2007 01:08 PM

austin eats with playscapes?

i know of amy's/phils on burnet, central market, freddies place, and waterloo. any others that anyone knows of?

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  1. It always helps to read what's already here, as not all viewpoints address every thread. A quick search of the board got me this conversation from last month, which mentions a few other places with play areas including many of those you listed:

    To turn the question on its head, is there delicious chow to be had at any of the places with playgrounds?

    1. I've heard that the Brentwood Tavern (also on Burnet - pretty close to Phil's - it's right next to the Farmer's Market) also has a playground.

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        A friend of mine and some other's just took the kids to Patsy's on Ben White, west of I-35. They said the kids really enjoyed it and the food wasn't bad, but she didn't go into any more detail than that.

        1. re: foodiegal71

          Huge playscape and fountain for little kids to play in at the new southpark meadows shopping center down at I-35 & slaughter lane. The Grove as they call it, is surrounded by Amy's Ice Cream, Keva Juice, Waterloo Ice House opening sometime soon, Mama Fu's, Jason's Deli, and I believe something like 6 more restaurants set to open in the next few months.

      2. joe's crab shack off 183 also has a playscape. If you're up Steiner Ranch way there is a new Italian restaurant within Steiner called Tutto Gusto that has a small playground as well.