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Aug 11, 2007 12:58 PM

Primavera tamale plate @ Friday Sonoma farmers market

Friday morning's chowhound errand was a visit to the year-round Friday morning farmers market in the town of Sonoma. My first time to this venue, it's held in the parking lot of the Depot Museum (entrance across the street from the Depot Hotel).

I love, love, love tamales for breakfast, so naturally I was delighted to find Primavera's booth here. It sells tortillas and tamales to take home, made with excellent stoneground masa. You can also buy a tamale plate, freshly steamed and ready to eat, for $3. A cute little boy, maybe 9 years old or so, was in charge of orders and collecting the money. He said that zucchini or chicken tamales were available and that he thought the chicken ones were really good. Not one to ignore such a rec, I went with the chicken and was not disappointed.

Well-seasoned masa with a rougher texture and deeper corn flavor, juicy and succulent strips of chicken in a zesty sauce, and a dollop of spicy hot red salsa topped with a dab of chunky guacamole. The breakfast of campions, I was happy to revisit this favorite to start the day.

Chicken tamal plate as served with salsa and guacamole -

My first Primavera post, Nov. 2001 -
(Unfortunately, no more retail sales from the factory kitchen.)

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  1. I've had the Primavera tamales at the Ferry Building and enjoyed them quite a bit. It's always a real treat to see the women behind the stand pressing out one tortilla after another. When I went months ago, the chicken tamale we ordered was good, but the vegetable tamale I had less interest in was even better. I highly recommend Primavera.

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      Primavera's stand in Sonoma is a much simpler affair than the Ferry Building. Here's the signboard,

      That said, I'm thrilled that they're serving the hometown crowd here. Anyone know if they're at the Tuesday evening market in Sonoma?

      . . . enough typing, off to the Petaluma farmers market!

      1. re: LikeFrogButOOOH

        I too love, love, love tamales for breakfast, but last time I had a Primavera tamale at the Ferry Building the cheese inside was cold and completely congealed. In fact, I've sworn them off but I seem to be in the minority and am glad you and Melanie have had better experience! Have to say... the tamale in Melanie's picture looks better than what I had at the FB. Sounds like it is cheaper too! Here is a post with several tamale suggestions including my last Primavera experience...

        1. re: susancinsf

          Well, temperature and service problems are more readily resolved (and forgiven by me) than bad flavor. This one was plucked from a pot boiling on top of a propane burner, no chance of being less than steaming hot. As LFBO mentions, the veggie ones can be quite delectable. i have a fond taste memory of a pumpkin tamal from the back door of the kitchen, which I scarfed down in the car parked in Primavera's lot. All Star's tamales are fine, but not as special to me.