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Fresh figs

Hi there,

Looking for fresh figs--have I missed them or am I too early? Has anyone seen them around the city?


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  1. Allie, they're here in Philadelphia. I just got some at Trader Joe's.

    1. I'm craving them too (figs marinated in EVOO & balsamic vinegar, arugula, shaved Parm. Reg. - yum!). You might be too early. Haven't looked for them at the markets. None at Union Square Greenmarket today. Peaches are here.

      1. I think you might be on the later side. A month ago they were all over the place. Fairway, Citarella, Chelsea Market.

        Chelsea Market had pint containers for pretty cheap (don't remember how much) last week.

        1. Might be a little far, but 3 Guys in Brooklyn had some terrific figs for sale today.

          1. $2.99 a box at Chelsea Market. Green or black. I boought a box today. I have also seen them at the street stands in Manhattan this week.

            1. Don't know where you can find them, but when you do, check out this post for some great ideas on what to do with them.


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                I just bought some at our local fruit stand on 77th and 3rd.

              2. I bought a beautiful box of fresh green figs in the retail market on arthur ave. today. perfect.

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                1. I actually got them from Fresh Direct. I like to eat them for breakfast wrapped in proscuitto!

                  1. Fairway had them as of Thursday. They looked good.

                    1. I saw several varieties at Eli's on Third Avenue yesterday.