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Aug 11, 2007 12:23 PM

Can I buy Hamburger buns locally(Orlando area) that dont fall apart?

Every brand I have tried falls apart before you finish the burger, anyone know of a brand that holds up?

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  1. Are you near a Publix? Their bakery sells a nice burger roll which they call French-style, IIRC. It is quite tasty and holds up well to burgers and lots of toppings. I may have the name wrong - they are sold in 8-packs, or individually at the counter (a fact I appreciate - we never need 8), and they have three lines across the top.

    Also - Pepperidge Farm whole wheat rolls are pretty good.

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      I was just about to make the same recommendation. Publix makes the best French style buns. If you can talk the baker into making you some hot dog buns out of the same bread, they are awesome too.

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        Ditto--these are the ones I settled on after trying many different kinds. They have a nice texture.

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          Funny, when I read the headline, I thought the exact same thing...Publix French hamburger buns...are wonderful. Great with a burger cooked outside on the grill.
          So many people agreed, you will have to try them

        2. I've had good luck with the French-style burger buns at Publix and the Martin's potato bread buns. Also the Albertson's bakery buns are pretty sturdy . . .


          1. I've got to give the nod to Publix for their French Hamburger buns. Very sturdy. My wife packs so much stuff onto her hamburders, she actually scoops out some of the bread from them. Nice crust holds even the most "gloppy" inards.

            (Big Marti's get the nod for pulled pork Bob).

            1. Martin's Potato Bread buns are the BOMB! Not only do they taste great, not only do they not get all soggy from a nice juicy medium rare burger w/ toppings, but they also have much longer of a shelf life than any other kind of burger bun. Im a single dude and Ive done plenty of research on this topic. The only thing I would like to see is a larger bun as they can be somewhat disproportionate if youre grilling a big burger. Then again, its better to cut back on those extra carbs!

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                I mentioned the Big Marti's in my post. They are the king sized version of Martin's potato buns. They tend to stock only a few packages in my Publix so you have to get em quick.

                Ask your market to get some in for you.

                1. re: bkhuna

                  Hah! I thought that was a playful way of saying Martins! I will ask for sure.