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Aug 11, 2007 11:49 AM

Help with Marinated Mushrooms?

Trying to make my own shrooms, using creminis in a mix of evoo and white wine vinegar plus garlic, herbs, etc. simmered with the shrooms then chilled. Getting a good flavor but when I store in the fridge the oil separates on the surface and congeals. Can these be stored out of the fridge... do I need a different oil... how can I avoid the oil problem?

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  1. I think the commercial ones have some sort of gum additive to keep it together. It does do that and I just take them out a little before I serve them so it all melts together again. You may want to try keeping them without the oil and then add the oil just before serving (I have never done it this way).

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      thanks. maybe you just have to take em out early. we used to take some home from a restaurant, and the oil never solidifed... maybe they were a commercial product and not made on site.

    2. the commercial ones you speak of employ commercial italian dressings that have a bunch of additives in them.

      as long as you store it in a tupperware container without too much space for air you should be able to keep them at room temp...the vinegar should raise the acidity level enough so bacteria and mold can't grow.

      also, as a side note, make sure you don't wash the mushrooms...they'll absorb much more of the marinade/flavor if you just brush them to remove excess dirt.