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Aug 11, 2007 11:40 AM

listing BYOB

Hi, I'm trying to make a list of the BYOB that we still have in the city (especially on the E village/LES), there are not many places where you can bring your nice and inexpensive wine and eat good food....I started thinking about it because i'm planning to eat out tonight and i wanted to go to a place with garden + BYOB, but i think such a place does not exist. Anyway, it would be good to have a list here of the BYOB places. I'll start with places i know, though i do not particularly love the food all of them make (could you also note on the list if the food is good?)

Kamui Den
Kai Kai
NY Noodle Town Inc.
There is also a cheap and nice noodle palce near IFC cinemas, but i caanot remember the name.

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  1. La Palapa offers "Monday's Uncorked." On Mondays there is no corkage fee.

    1. Tartine is lovely and BYOB.

      Cafe Asean might be BYOB - I'm not sure. And they have a lovely little garden in the back with super tasty and reasonable fare.

        1. Fake Orchid in the East Village is a Thai BYOB. Tiny though.

          1. Tableau on 5th between A and B.

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              I didn't know Le Tableau was BYOB. What is the corkage fee?