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Aug 11, 2007 11:31 AM

Upscale restaurant nr. E. 59th & Madison

Any ideas?

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  1. Alto, on 53rd, b/t Madison & 5th -

    The Modern, on 53rd, b/t 5th & 6th -

    Town, on 56th, b/t 5th & 6th -

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    1. re: RGR

      Joel Rubichon (sp?) at the Four Seasons

      1. re: Cpalms

        We knew a Chowhounder would come through for us.

        RGR you hit the nail right on the head.
        We cannot wait to try Alto and hope it lives up to its beautiful menu.
        Thanks for the heads up.

        1. re: idia

          Glad I could help, idia. :-) Please report back because Michael White recently became executive chef there (as well as at L'Impero), and I'm interested in knowing how his food stacks up.

      2. re: RGR

        My last dinner at the Modern was not so impressive. I actually liked dining at the less formal Bar Room and their small plates servings.


      3. My favorite in the area is David Burke and Donatella, here's their link...
        It's not "old NY" upscale, but the food is wonderful IMHO.

        1. I would recommend you try Aureole (61 St. & Madison); it has wonderful food, service and decor.

            1. re: LeahBaila

              I just noticed that at Alto jackets are required for men.
              My mate would rather die than be jacketed in the summertime.(frankly I don't blame him!)
              So, sadly we must change our reservation and a tip of the hat to Sweet Pea on Burke & Donatella for her recommendation. (unless you give me the bad news that .... (you know!)

              1. re: idia


                Where exaclty did you notice that Alto requires jackets? I couldn't find anything to that effect on their website. Alto is not on Zagat's "jacket required" list. And OpenTable states, "Jackets preferred." Therefore, the way I see it, a gentleman who does not want to wear a jacket during the summer should feel comfortable going there without one. Of course, to be absolutely certain, you could call the restaurant directly. It would be a shame to miss out on dining there because of incorrect information.

                Re: the other two restaurants I suggested. The Modern does require jackets, but Town does not.

                1. re: RGR

                  and another place said: attire: Dressy

                  I am beginning to see where my word "upscale" might have led people to believe I preferred fancy (as in Per Se etc.) nay, not so.
                  My mate took umbrage to that word, saying it sounded too snooty. I never meant it to sound that way and I'm not sure he is correct to be sensitive to that word.
                  At any rate, we don't need killer prices and fancy digs.
                  We DO require really good (can't I please say "upscale"?) food.

                  I have e-mailed Alto about their jacket requirement.
                  I have since made a rez at David D & Donatella's but again, are beginning to feel a bit out of the "fancy digs" loop. (sigh
                  )Any other ideas out there of maybe a bit "simpler" nature?

                  BTW: There is no Zoe restaurant (at least that I could find anywhere, except on Prince St.)

                  1. re: idia

                    It's Zoe Townhouse - 135 E 62nd Street
                    New York, NY 10065
                    I think it's 62nd str and Lexington Ave

            2. Aquavit is a wonderful experience