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Aug 11, 2007 11:30 AM

Restaurant at Glenside train station

I ride past this station daily and last night saw a couple eating at a table outside. Anyone know if the food is worth getting off my train on the way home from work?

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  1. It's called Elcy's. It's more of a sandwich/coffee shop than a full fledged restaurant. I stop there for sandwiches all the time. The Jean Marie is particularly good......turkey salad (more dijon mustard than mayo), swiss cheese, tomato served on a croissant. They serve all of their sandwiches (with some exceptions) either hot or cold, your choice. Elcy's is one of my lunch favorites.

    1. I actually had dinner there a couple of weeks ago (I think they do dinner on Friday nights, only). It was a pretty decent (if slightly unusual) one plate meal of salad greens, rice and chicken with a mango infused guacamole. For under $10 bucks, I was pleased.

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        sounds interesting, I will be sure to give it a try sometime before the the weather turns cold and getting off the train is less than inviting.