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Aug 11, 2007 10:55 AM


Where can I buy the best boiled peanuts in the South? I am willling to mail order if need be.

I live in Arlington, Virginia, and will be traveling down I-95 next week to Florida. Are there places along interstate where I can stock up? Have cooler, will travel!

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  1. There's a convenience store at the South Newport exit off 95 (can't remember the exit number but it's south of Richmond Hill in a construction zone) in Georgia that sells Vidalia boiled peanuts. They're huge, perfectly cooked and come regular or spicy cajun. Buy some green peanuts while you're down here and cook them at home. I've been making them all summer with garlic salt and my friends at the beach can't get enough of them!

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      I made some once years ago and it took FOREVER to boil them to perfection. What is typical time?

      1. re: alkapal

        If they're fresh green peanuts -- not dried raw ones -- it should take around 6 hours. Made the mistake of buying dried bagged ones from the grocery store once and after 18 hours they still weren't quite done! I have a friend who does hers in a crock pot, but I think stovetop or outside on a fryer like CharlestonChow mentioned works best.

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          Thanks for the info. BTW, your name is cute!

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            Thanks -- it seemed a good fit for a southern girl!

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        I google mapped it, and it looks like where Rte. 17 crosses 95. Is it on the southeast side of 95? (i.e, cross over 95 if southbound?) Not too many other buildings around?

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          Northwest side -- on your right as you exit southbound. Just know that 17 and 95 cross several times (actually nice to know if traffic comes to a stop on 95).

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            I think them ones in a can are from new york city,boiled in east river water.,Thank god i live in the south boiled peanut paradise,and the beaches are a great place to sit and eat a cup,and enjoy the view

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              kowbouy, you won't believe this at all, but i just got the winn-dixie brand canned peanuts while i was down in sw florida, and they were actually decent flavor, texture AND size! mom and i polished them off pretty quick -- o.k., mostly me......

              street cred: i'm from there, my mom is from the panhandle, cousins in georgia, s.c., virginia. friends in dothan -- peanut capital of the world. still don't know why virginia doesn't do boiled peanuts!!!!!

      3. IMHO the best boiled peanuts are straight out of the pot from the vegetable stand or roadside trailer. The canned variety never replicate the real thing. If you really have a hankering for peanuts tough try:

        ... and search for "peanuts."

        My personal favorites are the green peanuts boiled with lots of salt an jalapeƱos. They are so tender you can eat the shell and all. Sitting around your own pot of boiling peanuts (on outdoor propane fish fryer of course) with cold beer and friends is about as enjoyable as Southern gets.

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        1. re: CharlestonChow

          The problem I've found with boiled peanuts from a stand is that they never seem to be consistently cooked. They seem to keep adding peanuts to the pot as they sell them, so you get some that are done and salty and some that are virtually raw. I agree about the canned ones -- I'd sooner do without.

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              As to the best boiled peanuts, that is an unanswerable question. It is similar to the questions on Chowhound who has the best BBQ or hot dogs. It is mainly you like what you are use to, or grown up on, or the first ones that you had. By the grace of God, I have been able to eat boiled peanuts all of my life. It was many years that I ate the standard boiled peanuts, water and salt variety. But approximately in the early 1980's there was a roadside stand in my local area that had a sign that said K-Jon flavored boiled peanuts. At first I could not translate the word K-Jon, but I screwed my courage to the sticking point and asked to try a couple of those K-Jon peanuts. My mouth was on fire. I could not believe the joy that I experienced. Now when I go back to the old standard they are good but the K-Jon are so much more tasty.

              I agree with Charleston Chow that boiled peanuts and a good cold beer is one of the best earthly delights on this side of heaven. Another place that almost requires boiled peanuts is sitting in the stands of a high school football game on a crisp October Friday evening. Of course at the football game one is not allowed to have the proper beverage to wash down those peanuts. This does necessitate several trips back to the car and the facilitites.

              Another thing that I think is interesting is the many ways the word cajun is misspelled to catatch peoples attention.

              1. re: Wienerhound

                k-jon! LOL! it is hard to resist cajun boiled peanuts -- i first had some from a huge roadside kettle over near cherokee, nc (!). they are addictive -- even though your mouth is on fire. ;-).

              1. re: tansu

                Checked them out, and prices look good. Have you tried them, tansu? Which do you prefer, if so?

              2. You could always get a DIY kit from the Lee Bros.-

                1. The best boiled peanuts in the South are at the peanut farm/production facility on SC Hwy 21 just north of the intersection with Hwy 61,or just north of Hwy 64 at Bells Crossroads.. I can't remember exactly which intersection. Their peanuts can be found in the coolers of convenience stores for quite a radius.My friend from Florida stocks his cooler there every time he's up this way.
                  If you want to risk the detour, get off I-95 at Hwy 61, go to the intersection with Hwy 21 and turn right. The farm will be on your left shortly. If not, turn around and proceed down 21 keeping a watch to your right. It will be right before the Hwy 64 intersection. There's also a friendly country convenience store at one of those intersections.
                  Hwy 21 will take you back to I-95.

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                  1. re: savdoug

                    We got off 95 at the Walterboro exit (rte 64) west to 21 and Bells Crossroads. The lady at the cafe on rte 64 towards Walterboro told us to turn left at 21 for "mitchells" peanuts -- where she got hers (that is all she knew of). At Bells Crossroads there was no signs for any other boiled peanuts. Anyhow, we did turn left/south on 21, found a place about 1 mile that was a farm with a little stand, bought 1/2 bushel boiled peanuts for $19. Big peanuts, everyone likes much. I think they are a bit overcooked. But are not too salty. I want to say it was "Briard's farm". I think this must be different than yours? Will try again on way back up 95. Very good overall.

                    PS The sausages at that little cafe (just east and on opposite side of road of HUDDLE HOUSE on rte 64 at the Walterboro exit) were really tasty. but service was SO SLOW. Maybe it is just Walterboro, or SC? Or that cafe? (I did notice the "speedy checkout" at Wal-Mart was also an exercise in irony.)