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Aug 11, 2007 10:52 AM

Have rack of lamb, will travel?

We've divided the labor for Sunday dinner at our friends' house and I'm doing the main. I was thinking of doing a simple rack of lamb and undercooking it a bit. It would be a 10 minute cab ride or a 30 minute walk. I'm just trying to avoid a casserole because nobody's sick or dying.
Do you think rack of lamb will travel well, and if not, what's a good non-funeral-associated dish for a nice Sunday dinner that can go places?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. flank steak? Cook it, stick it in a baggie or in foil, done. Even works at room temp.

    1. If you're craving Mary's favorite pet and dont want to shell out the big bucks go with a leg...boneless or bone in its a sure crowd pleaser, much less high maintenance, will cost at least 10 bucks less a pound, and will keep warmer longer because its larger in size than the rack! Happy eating!

      1. Thanks for the help - I went with thicker (about an inch) lamb chops (3.99/lb, could not say no).
        Question is now, I'd like to do it with a breadcrumb/dijon crust. Can I sear, crust, wait 15-20 mins and then finish off in her oven?

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          what temp are we looking for here? did you get loin chops?

          1. re: dodgerfoodie

            Yes, they're loin chops. They have the t-bone. I was thinking 500 for 5-7 mins? Of course this could all be too much unnecessary work. Maybe I could just "undercook" them up at home and keep them warm in her oven (200) while we eat our apps?

            1. re: dodgerfoodie

              Oh, and thank you, thank you for your help (I'm so preoccupied with the lamb logistics I forgot to say thank you! Shame on me!)

              1. re: Agrayf

                GRILLING is definitely the way to go!!! but if not accessible, searing is the best option. I love a great marinade-a simple one-garlic, oil, great kosher salt and fresh pepper, and then your mustard-Im not a fan of the mustard crust just because it is overdone and has become to lamb what peanut butter is to jelly, but due to repetitiveness rather than practice. My advice? marinade-sear-throw in the oven at 450 for 5-7 mins which will get you a little past med rare...more rare? less oven time...and YOURE WELCOME :D

                1. re: Agrayf

                  and if you want it hot...sear it at your place and then tell her to preheat her oven so that you can finish it there :)

                  1. re: dodgerfoodie

                    Sadly, no grilling in either my apt. or her condo, so I think the sear and finishing it up at her place is the way to go. I really like a crunch, so I might still go with the crust, but not after some reconsideration. Thanks for your help. Hope you have a good weekend, agf.