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Aug 11, 2007 10:51 AM

Looking for a good sit down lunch in Portsmouth

Any ideas on a sit down lunch in Portsmouth New Hampshire? all replies are appreciated!

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  1. Are you looking for something upscale, or will casual do? The Portsmouth Brewery is very good. Fish and chips, mussels, nice sandwiches, burgers, nice salads, and of course good beer. They also have entrees if you are looking for a full meal.

    I believe the place next to the brewery is called the Gaslight Company, and they have good pizza and pasta, although the pizza could use a little more salt IMO.

    Decent barbecue at Muddy River Smokehouse.

    Lots of nice places in Portsmouth, though. I'm sure you'll get more rec's for more formal places.

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      Hi Bear: Thank you for your recommendations, but looking for a little more upscale then the Portsmouth Brewery. thanks again

      1. re: irwin

        The Oar House on Ceres Street does lunch--they also have a deck on the water.
        Pesce Blue offers seafood and Italian:

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            Just went to the Oar House yesterday for lunch.

            First, I believe they are the only restaurant down at the pier, that has a parking lot in front of the restaurant for their customers.

            Second, if you are sitting outside, they ask if you want sun or shade! We sat in the sun, and it was right on the deck overlooking the water. The smell of the ocean breeze, the boats driving by, added to our delight!
            My son and I shared the steamed mussels for an appetizer, and that dish was outstanding. Lots of garlic, parsley, broth. Just right.

            We each got their lobster roll, which was served on a brioche (sp?) roll and either pineapple coleslaw or orzo salad, for $19.00. It was a huge sandwich and the lobster was fresh.

            The total bill with a drink, came to $62.00 for two, and then the tip. It's not cheap, but it was so nice.

            BTW, we weren't rushed, and as it got hotter, they have a huge electronic awning that was pressed to cover us, as a couple of the other guests requested it.

            I also love the Portsmouth Brewery for a more casual lunch. They have a fantastic blackened Salmon sandwich.

            1. re: mcel215

              Thank you so much for all your help.....
              We made reservations at the Oar House.