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Aug 11, 2007 10:43 AM

Rate Charlotte neighborhoods - for food options!

Hi all! My husband and I have lived in the Chapel Hill area for many years - and have loved the options the Triangle has to offer. We're relocating for work reasons to Charlotte and are considering our options where to live. Food is pretty high on the list!

We love local places, locally-grown food, as well as international spots. We will go to chains but try to avoid them when possible. We also love to garden and cook ourselves. We're moving from Carrboro and have loved being able to walk and bicycle, as well as hop in the car for a short drive, to some of the best local places. All that said, we tend to eat mostly in the cheap to moderate, price wise. Occasionally we go for the pricey meal for a special occasion.

If this was you and you were moving to Charlotte, what areas would you look closely at?

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  1. Charlotte has really grown up over the years (grew up there, went to college in your town, so i understand why you love Carrboro - worked at the Harris Teeter!!!).
    I feel that the only areas with old charm are Dilworth and Myers Park. There is so much to offer in that area; plus it is close to everything. Nolen Kitchen is a great little spot.
    I have been hearing good things about the Charlotte Country Club area and 7th ave. that neighborhood is turning around or turned around. Downtown has really grown up as well, I recommend Town.
    Everything is pretty close together, so you won't have to go far to find a good place to eat.
    I think Dilworth will remind you of Carrboro. there is a great local coffee place called Dilworth Coffee, and a natural foods store as well as a bunch of local restaurants like Bonterra in a renovated church and Sole Grille (spanish).

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      Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood have plenty of old world charm and walking options to restaurants etc., as well and are both much more affordable than either Dilworth or Myers Park.

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        Brentk - thank you, i couldn't remember the names of those neighborhoods! Elizabeth is 7th Ave / Charlotte Country CLub area, right????

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          I'm not sure of the exact boundaries, but I would say the commercial center of Elizabeth is on 7th, just east of Presbyterian Hospital.

          Plaza Midwood is further north, due west of the Charlotte Country Club area.

    2. Just returned from a business trip to Charlotte, and stumbled into a great little neighborhoody Thai place in Dilworth... cannot remember the name but it is about two blocks east of the intersection of North/South and East/West boulevards. It was fantastic and obviously a local favorite. Though the parking lot was not full, the restaurant was, leading me to believe lots of people had walked there.

      I also ate at Ratcliffe on the Green at 435 S. Tryon. It's a farm-to-table restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed a plate of regionally made cheeses and delicious lamb chops with baby veggies-- again, all locally (or at least regionally) grown.

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      1. re: Lady Bird

        You're probably thinking of Thai Taste, next to Paper Skyscraper. Awesome Thai, although I am partial to Monsoon, on South Blvd., a few blocks South, across from the Pepsi plant. Charlotte has lots of great restaurants, especially in the Dilworth area. Copper has great Indian, just across from Thai Taste. There's a huge Greek community in Charlotte and lots of good restaurants have come from their influence.

        1. re: southernitalian

          Dilworth has the big Greek Church right on East Blvd, and they have a great Greek festival with lots of great treats!

          1. re: strephking

            These are great suggestions and support what I had found out so far, with a few new areas to look at. Thanks so much & please keep the ideas coming!

      2. check out noda - 36th and north davidson. more locally-owned, casual eateries and plenty of art galleries

        1. And abutting Dilworth and Myers Park is the Sedgefield neighborhood. The local places I like nearby are The Roasting Company on Montford, Mr. K's on South Blvd, Casa Enchilada on South Blvd, McKoy's on Old Pineville Rd, The Comet Grill on Park Rd., Situl Indian Restaurant behind Park Road Shopping Center, Monsoon Thai Cuisine on South Blvd. I've not been there, but I hear the Greystone Restaurant on South Blvd is good.

          I'm not much for chains either, but nearby are Fuel Pizza, Jason's Deli, McAlister's Deli, Mama Fu's.

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            I'm not crazy about Greystone. They don't have bagels and the place can reek of smoke depending on when you go. But you can't mention Sedgefield without bringing out Mac's on South, and Monsoon across from the Pepsi plant which, as I stated earlier, is just about the best Thai food in Charlotte.

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              Plus, if you're in that area, you can buy your groceries from The Home Economist.