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Aug 11, 2007 10:35 AM

Soundbites new digs

Had breakfast at Soundbites this morning. First time in the new space. We actually really liked the space a lot, and it was hopping. Yassir was there in fine form, running around as usual, but there is a hostess now and several servers. The menu is basically the same, but the food actually seemed a little better. The 'green eggs no ham' had fresh baby spinach (used to be frozen chopped), very lightly cooked, and the hollandaise had a slightly smoother texture. Still self-serve coffee, which we like so we aren't at the mercy of an overly busy server, and you pay at the register, but really a different, lively feel. The place was loudish in a fun way. Even greatly expanded, there are still lines, but they move along fairly well.

They have a full liquor license (didn't chech out the drinks menu or wine list or prices). The dinner menu was more Italian-American with a few Middle Eastern app's, a rack of lamb, sirloin, pizzas and burgers. Reasonable prices. We'll check out dinner there soon. All in all, a step up for Soundbites.

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  1. i agree! its nice and more open. i had the smoked salmon benedict-very filling and yummy! i love how most items are EXACTLY like el guapos left it. The bar and bar glasses are in the same exact place! it actually really works. i will be headed there for dinner soon

    1. I will never eat at a place where an owner thinks he can act like a prick to his patrons, even if for jest. I will never eat hear again. Owner should kiss my feet for spending my hard earned money at his place

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        Yassir has always been really nice to me....

        ... even if he was jawing with me about how much of an ass someone at the table next to us was :)

        He suffers for his eggs benedict! (bad Seinfeld reference)

      2. I like the new digs too --a new option to have a beer & watch the game at the bar without having to eat deep fried pub food (not that I don't enjoy this as well on occasion!). Had a Greek salad with steak tips there last week --DH got the spinach salad (I think with pears & gorgonzola?) and steak tips & were both solid meals.

        1. Caper25 brings up a good point and it's a question I've been meaning to ask. Everyone agrees that the service at the original Soundbites had a...particular flair. Some find this "Soup Nazi" charming. That's fine. I don't but I deal with that by simply not patronizing the place. I like my Sunday brunch slow, leisurely and laid back.

          However, like everyone says, the food there is awesome and I'd love to become a return patron. So, to those who have been of late, is the pace and overall feel different at the new location, particularly on the big brunch day, Sunday? Thanks.

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          1. re: JBM

            I've only been on Sundays, and it is COMPLETELY different. My friend and I had the most leisurely brunch there a couple of weeks ago, and didn't feel rushed at all. (Shocking! We were actually able to catch up at Soundbites, rather than stuff food in our mouths frantically!) Even if you felt it was a bit "Soup Nazi"-ish before, I'd recommend checking out the new digs.

          2. I had breakfast in the new digs this morning. The vibe is really different -- something about the new bigger space makes it feel more relaxing in general. And Yassir is really happy and it shows in his pace and tone. He even told me to sit down and relax as I was leaving, but I had to get to work. I never go there on weekends but I plan to check it out at night. The spinach, pear and gorgonzola salad sounds great.