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Aug 11, 2007 08:53 AM

Lantana Seasoning???

I used to live in Texas and purchased some seasoning I used all the time. After I left Texas, I managed to get a local gourmet grocery to purchase the seasoning for me by the case. About 2 years ago, I tried to get some more, but cannot locate the company. If any of you Texans know what happened to this company and where I can purchase this seasoning, it would be much appreciated. Or, if you have used this seasoning and have a close substitute for it, I would appreciate knowing that info as well. Here is the information:

Lantana: South Texas All Purpose Seasoning
6 oz shaker container
made by:Lantana Company, New Caney, Texas.
(no phone number for the company on the internet or via directory assistance)


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  1. Google Lantana of Texas. It will take you to their website.

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    1. re: danhole

      Thanks, it looks like that company just makes salsa, but I emailed them anyway. appreciate your assistance.

      1. re: mschow

        You have to keep hitting the forward button to get to the seasonings.

        1. re: danhole

          That should help. Hit forward again and it will take you to the order page.

      1. re: MarcusB

        Thank you for that. I just found that page this afternoon. The packaging is very different from the packaging I have on the one can I have a little bit left of. I'm wondering if Lantana went out of business and Unique bought them or their recipe or something like that. I'll try to check it out this week with Unique.
        Thanks for your assistance.

        1. re: mschow

          Lantana did go out of business very briefly, and then was bought by someone. I feel like the product has not changed in quality.

          edit: The JalapeƱo Salt is sold in Lantana's packaging in Texas grocery stores, not the unique seasoning packaging shown in the photo.

      2. Love this stuff! Our steaks taste better than all the high-end steak restaurants in town. You have to call to order (no online purchasing [yet?] on their website).
        Phone: 1-888-839-3010
        #1 All Purpose Seasoning 6-7 oz. Containers $25.95
        #1 All Purpose Seasoning 12-7 oz. Containers $42.95

        Happy Seasoning!

        Dallas, Texas