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Aug 11, 2007 07:56 AM

The Grind Sunnyside. Terrible Service

ok, the grind was semi-decent when it first opened. the coffee is good, some of the baked goods, pretty good.
after my last trip, i will not be returning.
it started off bad and got progressively worse.

this was a saturday morning around 9:30am
we ordered a tea and a coffee, a breakfast taco and a crepe. the tea was ICE cold. we ordered hot! there was no half and half in the jugs. we brought the tea back to the counter and i heard the girls discussing that the one thermos or whatever did not work. umm ok, so why are they using it? then i asked for the half and half and they gave me the container. fine, but why not fill the jugs after i told them it was empty? whatever.

my husband's taco came out after a bit. and i sat there waiting and waiting for my crepe. a couple who had came in after us was also waiting for a toasted croissant...i heard them asking for it, then asking for it to go, then saying they could no longer wait and that they would be back to get their money back. as one of the girls (the nicer one) walked by me i politely asked where my breakfast was (my husband had finished his). i said i didn't want to give any hassle as they had just got yelled at by the croissant couple. she said she was new and didnt know how long it took to make. at this point we had been sitting there 20 minutes. then another girl (the nasty one) behind the counter told me with a bit of an attitude that they make the crepes from scratch... i really didn't give her a chance to continue i answered that i make crepes from scratch and they literally take minutes! so i said i'll give it five i waited. nothing. i went up to the counter and asked for my money back and the nice girl said ok and the nasty one said no way. they kinda went back and forth whether or not to give me my money (funny how the new one said they could give me my money back). THEN, the nasty one said that they had just opened and that the batter had to be made from scratch. i wasn't having it. basically, i told them that when a couple or a group comes into a restaurant, cafe or whatever that they are served at the same time. if i had been at the diner down the block we would receive our breakfasts at the same time and that there was no excuse. they could give me my money back or i would never return. the nasty one persisted no. so i went into the tip jar and took my 2 dollars back and said i would never return!

my question is...if they "just opened" why were the milk jugs empty, why was the tea cold?
regardless of when they opened, a table's a table and should be served at the same time.
end of story. anyway, i won't be back.

i'll walk over to aubergine, where the coffee and service better are far superior.

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  1. I had a very similar experience at The Grind probably a year ago. It was later on a Saturday morning, but it took them over 20 minutes to make the crepe. It just seems that a lot of the staff is young and inexperienced. The owner seems like a nice guy, and it's nice to have a place like this in Sunnyside, so it's a shame that they're blowing it!

    1. I gave the Grind a chance, but after my third bad experience there with the service, I gave up. It seemed the owner was a friendly sort, but the last few times I was in there on a Saturday morning, he was nowhere to be seen and his young employees were not providing good service. As an owner, it seems to me you really should try to be present during the most busy times, which I would imagine for a coffee house would be Sat mornings. They've been opened for a while now, and they've also been serving breakfast for a while now, so they should have those service kinks worked out by now. On the 3 times I had problems with service (late food, wrong food delivered) I was one of a few frustrated customers. That was 6 months ago. I haven't been back, but sounds like nothing's changed. Too bad. The place had potential.