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Aug 11, 2007 07:16 AM

Housesitting for a Non-Foodie

So I'll be housesitting for one week in the suburbs for my mom. The pro: I'll have a nice big kitchen all to myself and a grill The cons: I usually have easy access to five GREAT fruit and veggie stands, a killer organic market, a good butcher and a fish monger. For that week, I'll have one chance to stock up and that's about it (no car, no decent puclic transport to the so-so market in her town). I'm looking for some great go-to dinner recipes that use pantry staples or things that I can buy on the Friday before.
I like just about everything, but can't handle dairy-heavy dishes. I'll be cooking for one (maybe two once or twice) and leftovers for lunch the next day are a plus.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Linguine puttanesca is a go-to for me. All the ingredients fit in a smallish bag and it's very fast and easily expands for a guest or two.

    1. Linguine or fetuccine (or any other pasta, really) with canned artichoke hearts, garlic, chilis & lemon is my favourite pantry dish these days.

      While pasta is boiling, mix quartered artichoke hearts in a bowl with olive oil, minced or crushed garlic & crushed chilis (to taste). Drain pasta when done. In the same pot (emptied & wiped if neccessary) dump artichoke mixture & heat for a few minutes. Add chopped parsley, salt & pepper and lemon juice, and a bit of lemon zest if desired. You can also add some canned tuna if you want a bit of protein.

      1. Buy some flank stank,marinate it and grill it. Beyond that meal, you can add it to a salad or use it for sandwiches or wrap in tortillas.

        1. I'd recommend roasting a chicken whose parts you can use over a few days, even using the carcass to make a broth.


          Stratas, Quiches, Frittatas all use staples, and supplement the staples w/ a few gourmet ingredients like in-season veggies (is egg *dairy-heavy* for you?)

          Do a breakfast for dinner one night

          Salmon Patties

          Polenta for dinner that you can fry up for breakfast (w/ maple syrup and butter) or for lunch (w/ marinara or pesto)

          Risotto at night, then arancini for lunch (little or no cheese)

          Big batch of ratatouille at the start of the week

          Lentil stew or chili or other whole grain based salads

          1. How about gazpacho? Gets better with time AND uses lots of fresh ingredients from the beginning of the week.