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Aug 11, 2007 07:09 AM

Favorite Cheap Eats in Chelsea?

What are your favorite Chelsea cheap quick bites? Can you grab something for $5 for $10?

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  1. Murray's, Chelsea Market. Plenty of sweets around like Billy's, Amy's, Little Pie Co, and La Bergamote. Have heard good things about Taza d'Oro and Sucelt but haven't been.

    1. Nooch on 8th Ave. at 17th St.

      1. Falafel from the Halal truck that parks every night on the east side of 6th Avenue between 24th and 25th, or from Pita Hut, on the north side of 23rd a little west of 7th Avenue.

        Sandwiches from Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th just east of 6th. A little on the expensive side, but delicious and still within your price range.

        Hot dogs from Chelsea Papaya at 23rd and 7th (northeast corner). $1 each. 24 hours a day.

        Shake Shack burger. Even if you don't think they're the best in NYC (I don't either), they're still decent. If there's a long line, don't bother.

        Burrito from Chipotle. Burritos and other Mexican from Great Burrito, a tiny little closet of a place on the south side of 23rd Street just west of 6th.

        Some are fans of Rickshaw Dumplings, on 23rd just east of 6th. I'm not.

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        1. re: Blumie

          Eel or chicken wing lunch special at Tebaya - 19th between 6th and 7th. between 6.75 and 8.75. comes with iced green tea!

          1. re: eeee

            Rickshaw Dumplings is overpriced and mediocre.

            Check out Chelsea Thai in Chelsea Market (b/w 15 and 16th on 9th ave). If you order your food to stay, you get 2x as much as if you take it to go. They give you noodles to last two extremely filling meals. Prices run ~$ 9.00.

            1. re: SweetSummerCorn

              Blue Moon has pretty inexpensive Mexican food. The dishes might jump a little past the $10 limit, but not by much. I personally like the food there and the service is fast and nice. It also seriously fills you up.

              Taza de Oro - on 14th and 8th. Great Puerto Rican food at VERY inexpensive prices. The beans and rice are insanely good.

              1. re: zoeterry

                Second Taza de Oro. 96 8th Avenue at W. 15th St. Very few places like it are still left in the white man's Manhattan. Taza de Oro is Puerto Rican. An equally good Asia de Cuba place is Caridad at Broadway and W. 78.

                1. re: asnet

                  If Taza de Oro is "as good" as La Caridad on W 78th, I heartily recommend staying far away from it. I don't think I've ever eaten at Taza, but La Caridad has bordered on gross for at least the past 20 years...

              2. re: SweetSummerCorn

                What's an alternative to Rickshaw Dumplings in the area? (Dumplings)

                1. re: eatfood

                  I'm not aware of any in the immediate area. I think the szechuan chicken dumplings are actually quite tasty.

              3. re: eeee

                Second most of Blumie and eeee's suggestions, though I'd stick with tacos at Great Burrito.

            2. Spice for thjeir lunch special, it's not the tastiest Thai food ever but very good value and service is generally pretty good.
              Succelt coffee shop on 14th Street at 7th has really good Cuban stuff for little money.

              1. Fresco Tortilla, guacamole tacos, black bean tacos, chicken fajita tacos, and all other kinds of simple tex-mex/mexican cheap eats. Tacos should be around $2. 8th betw 23rd & 22nd.

                Tono Sushi for fairly decent Japanese food, very reasonable prices. Sushi too. I used to like the teriyaki grilled shrimp & chicken combo, somewhere like $6 or $7. Nice little place with inside seating. 7th betw 21st & 20th.

                F&B for fancy dogs & other Scandinavian inspired items, beignets. The Great Dane has pickled cucumbers and fried onion things on the hot dog, very yummy. Chicken sausage is good. Veggie dogs too. Nice but noisy eat-in counter area. 23rd betw 8th & 7th. Right next to Boston Market.

                Don't forget about Ray's pizza. 9th betw 23rd & 22nd.