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Indian Food?.....Where?

IndianDragon Aug 11, 2007 05:19 AM

I want to eat some really really good indian food. I want some spicy indian food and afterwards, I want the sweet stuff too, but I want the really really good gulab Jamun or rasmalai...where is it?

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  1. advisor_Girl RE: IndianDragon Aug 11, 2007 06:12 AM


    Well I checked your profile to see WHERE in Florida you are dining... The answer is Heelsha (www.heelsha.com
    )1550 NE 164th St
    North Miami Bch, FL 33162
    (305) 754-3985

    Here is the menu -


    Right down to the Gulap Jamun for $2.99


    1. r
      rebus1805 RE: IndianDragon Aug 11, 2007 07:22 AM

      I have to disagree with the choice of Heelsha as an "authentic Indian" restaurant. I have eaten in Indian restaurants in New York and Chicago and have never seen beef on a menu due to the Hindu veneration of the cow. The restaurant must be Pakistani or Bengladeshi.

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      1. re: rebus1805
        yomyb RE: rebus1805 Aug 11, 2007 08:24 AM

        While your observation regarding the beef may be right, he asked for good, that is what Heelsha is... delicious and great Indian/Bangladeshi Food. The best in Miami in my opinion. And they do have what Indiandragon wants...the hot factor, great spices, curries, and gulap jamum ;-)

        1. re: rebus1805
          Frodnesor RE: rebus1805 Aug 21, 2007 05:42 PM

          Owners are Bengladeshi but I don't think serving beef necessarily marks a restaurant as not authenticly Indian. Net everyone in India is Hindu.

          Note even the dean of Indian cookery, Madjur Jaffrey, includes beef recipes in her cookbooks:

        2. t
          travlnmike RE: IndianDragon Aug 11, 2007 03:58 PM

          although its not an indian restaurant,and the curries were not spicy enough for me(i'm a vindaloo kind of a guy)the indian portion of the miami spice menu dinner at vix restaurant in the victor hotel was the best indian food i have in 27 years here in south florida.You got to choose 3 of 4 curries available put on small plates the size of oversized squares that you put soy sauce in sushi restaurants(maybe twice that size of dish).They did give you excellent naan and a healthy portion of basmati rice to compensate.I ordered the latin appetizer which was two different petite ceviches to start.Even though i eat like a horse,i found that the vix's miami spice program was excellent(of course i would of loved huge plates of the different curries).Hope someone else tries their indian selection and lets me know what they thought of it.I suffered no attitude from the waiter when i told him i wanted the miami spice menu.Why cant other restaurants do good indian.Selections in south beach have been traditionally lame.

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          1. re: travlnmike
            woknroll RE: travlnmike Sep 23, 2007 05:44 AM

            Cafe Roti is Lakeland's own little secret. It is awesome. The aroma's alone can stop me in my tracks.

          2. s
            starbucksbrew RE: IndianDragon Aug 11, 2007 05:46 PM

            Cafe Roti, 200 Parkview Place, Lakeland, FL 33805. Run by an Indian family. Awesome Indian food. Even better than I had in Washington D.C.

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            1. re: starbucksbrew
              rra1024 RE: starbucksbrew Aug 13, 2007 12:07 PM

              That is Trinidadian food. There are similarities but it is not the same. That is liking sending someone looking for vindaloo curry to a get masaman curry at a Thai restaurant. Bangladesh/Pakistani is at least much closer.

              1. re: rra1024
                taiga RE: rra1024 Aug 13, 2007 02:24 PM

                That said, some of the roti joints are tastier than the not so simple Indian spots, especially here in South Florida.

                1. re: taiga
                  rra1024 RE: taiga Aug 13, 2007 04:31 PM

                  Which roti joints do you recommend? Unfortunately they all seem so far away from where I live.

                  1. re: rra1024
                    taiga RE: rra1024 Aug 21, 2007 05:27 PM

                    I go way down south on SW 160th Colonial Drive to Caribbean Roti which is a little Caribbean strip mall with the requisite barber shop, reggae shop, Jamaican restaurant, and patty stop along side the place. All together have less atmosphere than the barber shop, but the eating is good.

            2. netmover RE: IndianDragon Aug 21, 2007 06:40 PM

              There's a new Indian restaurant coming soon to Ocean Drive in South Beach. Between 5-6th Streets to be exact. Seeing how I am far from an Indian Cuisine Connisseur, I look forward to hearing your reviews....remember to give them some time to work out the kinks!

              1. b
                Bengaliwife RE: IndianDragon Sep 23, 2007 06:11 AM

                We lived in south forida a year and a half and always enjoyed going to Madras Cafe in pompano beach. It is located in a shopping center on Powerline Rd. South of Atlantic in Broward county. They feature good North and South Indian selections.Their buffet on the weekends features pani pouri which is a really good indian street food you have to assemble. They have a variety of meat and vegetable dishes and dosas made on the spot.every time I have been they do have gulab jamun for dessert, We did order off the menu once one evening when friends came from out of town and that was excellent. Try to google their menu and see what you think. I think it would be worth a trip for you . Also If you like south Indian Cuisine, I highly recommend Udipi Cafe in Sunrise. It features an all vegetarian menu but very tasty. You take 95 north to Sunrise blvd, go west (it will feel like you will be driving forever),then take a right on University. Udipi cafe will be on the right in a strip mall not long after you turn onto University. Good luck.
                If you have access to an Indian grocery store, they have free magazines called "Little India" or" Desh Videsh" where local indian restaurants advertise. That is how I found some of the restaurants when I first moved to that area.

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