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Aug 11, 2007 05:14 AM

Sushi in tampa bay

This is my first post! I recently moved from st. petersburg to dunedin and I've been using this site to find great places to eat. Thanks to many of you I have found wonderful places including ivory mandarin bistro for chinese, ozono pig for bbq, and kellys for breakfast. I felt like I finally needed to share our favorite place for Sushi for those of you who really want to die and go to heaven. Osaka in Maderia Beach is OFF THE CHAIN. We've been going there since they opened many, many years ago. Its very busy on the weekends so get there early!!! Thanks again to everyones recs and if anyone knows of any other top sushi places... please reply. We are willing to travel far and wide for great sushi!

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  1. Thanks, I must try it. And now that you're in Dunedin, head over to Clearwater Beach for great sushi at Kiku. DH and I regularly get our sushi fix there. Maybe we'll see you at the sushi bar one of these nights!

    1. I agree with you that ivory mandarin bistro is a wonderful chinese restaurant to dine. I get spoiled when I visit this place because my picky requests are always met. The chefs always make my order as I want. I love Beef Hofun with Chinese Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce. I usually request the extra sauce and extra black bean. The beef is tender and the sauce is delicious.

      1. I could not believe it, but in the International Mall (the outside bit), and right across from my favorite, The Grape, is Cafe Japon (yes with an o) THE BEST SUSHI EVER!!!! The rice was perfect...slightly warm, not hard, and the right stickiness. The presentation was a beautiful, whimsical, and delicious. I also had some pear saki. It is the perfect date place as too! I suggest the volcano roll, the spider roll (even though the little legs weren't sticking out), thier miso soup, and the tuna tartare! YUMM!

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          For good sushi without a lot of fuss, try Hook's in St. Petersburg. It's got a joint feel to it, but Hook always has the freshest seafood.

        2. For sushi, I tried The Rack in Hyde Park and it was awesome. Great sushi there and it gets packed at happy hour! Pool tables, sports on TVs, and killer sushi = a slice of heaven for yours truly ;)

          1. Believe it or not, in the International Mall...there's some awesome sushi! It's right next door to a Starbucks and acroos from The Grape (awesome place for wine and filet sandwich, btw). Sushi place is called Cafe Japon. Have the tuna tar tare, the volcano roll, the spider roll, and some pear saki or plum wine to wash it down.