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Aug 11, 2007 03:40 AM

Romantic Italian- Need help!!

Hey everyone, I'm new here and don't live in San francisco. I am living in Asia at the moment and will be flying out to see my girlfriend in Sanfrancisco at the end of the year(its the first time ive seen here in 6months at that point) I really need to find somewhere special in SF. It has to be Italian and oozing romance, price is not an object. any help would be GREAT!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance

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    1. Second on Acquerello. Only caveat is that it's heavily French-influenced.

      1. Unquestionably Acquerello. Hands down.

        1. Wow, thats great. Do we have any more information on sociale? I want the most exclusive restaurant possible. this is already so much help! thanks

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          1. re: ardentwarrior

            I had a nice dinner at Sociale and thought the atmosphere was very nice and romantic, but it may not be the most exclusive place.It was back in a little courtyard with lights strung over the patio, like a discovery. I really like Incanto in Noe Valley, also great atmosphere and Italian food with a wine cellar style room that might be great for a romantic dinner.

            1. re: WCchopper

              I've gotta agree with Sociale. My husband and I went for our anniversary and it was unpretentious and quaint. If you make a reservation, ask for a seat in the courtyard. The outdoor heaters will keep you warm and it's very charming.

          2. Please note that while indeed Italian and romantic, Acquerello is most assuredly 'old school'.
            I had dinner there recently and although the food was great and the service impeccable,
            it is ultra proper. Unlike, for example French Laundry, the service felt rather formal and stodgy.
            My recommendation would be Quince. Wonderful food, attentive service and just a little younger...

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            1. re: Hop

              I thought the service at Acquerello was very friendly and professional, didn't seem stuffy at all. They also have arguably the best Italian wine list in town.

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                Agree with this assessment. Aquerello's very good, but just stuffy-ish with an average age of customers seeming to be 60+. I wasn't comfortable there ...