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Aug 11, 2007 02:47 AM

Where to buy small (school-size) milk cartons?

I'm interested in buying 8oz cartons of milk (you know, like we all had in elementary school) but I can't for the life of me find anywhere where they sell such a thing to your average consumer. I'd like to buy in a moderate quantity (like 24 or 30) and I'm hoping to pay 50 cents or less per box. Any ideas?

(I've also considered small UHT milk containers, but I can only find those at Costco in the chocolate variety or organic brands at over a dollar a box - now that's expensive milk!)

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  1. Call Driftwood Dairy. They supply schools districts all over the place. I also notice their small cartons, in two sizes, for sale in donut shops in SGV and the Valley. Maybe they can help you with an idea. I go to their drive-thru dairy in El Monte and get their milk all the time.

    Driftwood Dairy (Great milk, bacon, eggs and snacks including Hostess Smo Balls)
    10724 Lower Azusa Rd
    El Monte, CA 91731-1390
    (626) 444-9591
    Cross St, El Monte Ave. At the North end of the El Monte Airport. About two blocks West of Santa Anita Ave. Eight blocks East of Baldwin just past the old In-n-Out about a block away

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      Not sure about CA, but here in NY you get them from a specialized dairy distributor, and you have to place a standing order for so many cases twice a week. Mostly they sell to schools and senior centers. They wouldn't sell just a case here and there, there's a minimum order. If you see them for sale somewhere else, like a deli, maybe you could get some on the side from them?

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        i use to buy the the little containers of milk and oj at Driftwood. They're not in cartons though... they're in plastic containers. You can purchase the small ones (half pints) in package of 15 each for whole sale price... milk was around 5 bucks a pack. But than, this was a couple years ago, not sure if it has changed.

        1. re: vibrant

          Not much has changed at Drifteood in decades. Still has the coolest Googie drive-thu in L.A. Looks like a space port that you could fly through. That tall street sign is also in classic Googie style. The milk is always top, high-end quality.

          I know they still produce milk in those small plastic bottles in two sizes. I will go soon to buy some milk and get an update on whether they sell those by the case at the dairy. They also have a South El Monte location on Santa Anita just North of the 60. I have not been buying milk since my refer died last week but I just got a new one tonight. It will be delivered this week and I will be back into buying milk -- my favorate food.

          1. re: JeetJet

            Driftwood offers a case of 15 -- 10oz bottles of white milk for $9.75, and Chocolate milk at $10.75. They also offer 16oz bottles for 99 cents each. I got some this morning to add to my coffee. I Also got some Hostess Pink Sno Balls becase of that damn Sno Ball thread -- not bad, fresh.

      2. Smart'n'Final

        [Am I nuts thinking I've seen them at Costco?]

        1. I've seen them at Costco, too. Also Gelson's, Vons and a few Ralh's. They sell them for moms to use in the kiddie lunches.

          1. I've seen them at Smart and Final as well, but you can ask your local Alta Dena Dairy stop if there's one around your place as well. Restaurant Depot (membership required) lets you buy them by the piece and not just the case for about .30 cents each or less.

            If you live anywhere near Montebello, Chowhound favorite BROGUIERE'S DAIRY has milk in a variety of small plastic bottles, including the prize winning chocolate milk, (but I think they're about .65 cents each for that one.) I was just there today!!
            That Choco Milk is expensive no matter where you buy it, but it's thick and creamy like melted ice cream.

            Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy
            505 S Maple Ave.
            Montebello CA
            Open Daily, but only until 2pm on Sunday

            1. I think I've seen them at Ralphs?