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Aug 11, 2007 01:56 AM

US-2 from Western WA to Spokane - What's good?

In a couple of weeks, I am planning to head off on a roadtrip that will involve a fair number of backroads, which means that I'll probably be taking US-2 across the state instead of I-90. Is there anything along this way worth checking out as far as food goes?

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  1. I will take a stab at this. I am not sure where you are starting from, but I will assume the Seattle area. First stop would be Zeke's in Gold Bar for greasy burgers and onion rings. Then on to Last Stop coffee in Index (?) for lattes and an eclectic gift shop. Leavenworth has a lot to offer. We like Gustav's, Alley Cafe, King Ludwig, many others. For dinner the newly opened Dragonfly Bistro is nice. In Cashmere, the Walnut Cafe is a nice treat. Don't forget to stop for bread and treats at Anjou Bakery. If you get into Wenatchee, dinner at Smokeblossom, Shakti's, Cellar Cafe (lunch or dinner), or any one of the fine Mexican restaurants. Up to Waterville.....we have never found an open restaurant, so you take your chances. Creston has a few small restaurants, the next town (can't think of the name) has a nice homey restaurant on the north side of the hiway at the east end of town. Davenport has some restaurants also. From Davenport it is a quick trip (25 miles?) into Spokane.

    Food is not really chowhoundy, just good old family food. Have a good trip and let us know if you find some good spots.

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      IN Spokane, hit Anthony's River Port, for good never-frozen seafood and steaks; the Davenport Hotel is the class place to stay, and the bar there is great for appetizers and just pretty environment. Tour the hotel, even if you aren't staying there. The Hall of the Doges is visually worth the trip. Best Mexican in town: Casa d'Oro, Argonne @ I-90; best burger, the California burger, not to mention the Chicken Piccata, at Scotty's @ I-90 other side of Argonne. Best Italian: Tomato Street, Division at Francis. Linnie's Thai, on Second Street; and various others. We love our eats, here. And if you have an extra night in Spokane/ Coeur d'Alene ID, sign up for the Coeur d'Alene Dinner Cruise: see the neat lake houses and have a salmon feed with a floating bar---hint: get aboard early and stake out a topdeck table near the wheelhouse.

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        Second the Mexican restaurant in Wenatchee--we ate at El (La?) Fuente which is on the north end of town and it was very good, with excellent margaritas. I was less enthused by McGlinniss pub. Food was OK but not as good as the menu sounded, although it was packed and other diners seemed enthusiastic. My husband really disliked his ribs, while I had an acceptable "wood fired" half chicken.

        Leavenworth is an invented Bavarian town, so lots of choices if you like that sort of thing (which I do, honestly!)

        1. re: coney with everything

          Actually, La Fuente is on the south end of Wenatchee on Mission. You might be thinking of Tequila's, which is closer to the north end, also very good, with good margaritas. We ate at McGlinn's last night and very much enjoyed the pizza.

          Yes, Leavenworth is invented, but many real Germans have located there and brought fine food.

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            My bad, it was definitely La Fuente--I just got my directions turned around! Should have had the pizza at McGlinns, it sounds like.

            I'm not bad mouthing Leavenworth, sorry if it sounded like that. I compare it to Frankenmuth, Michigan, which was founded by German speaking farmers that also decided to take the "Bavarian" route to attract tourists. Leavenworth DEFINITELY has the better scenery, but Frankenmuth's Germanness is more organic to its history.

      2. Some of our frequent stops:

        Sour cream doughnuts at the Sultan Bakery. Coffee at the Index Chalet (home of Bigfoot). Country Boys BBQ in Cashmere makes spectacular fresh potato chips (I think they call them Ribbon Fries) and the BBQ is tasty enough. Definitely Anjou Bakery for goodies. I like McGlinn's in Wenatchee for pizza, sandwiches and beer - don't expect anything fancy, though. Smokeblossom was disappointing the one time we went.

        Up on the plateau, pickings are a little slim. There's a nice little diner in Wilbur on the north side of the road, look for an Alaskan beer neon sign (I think) - they do a killer Reuben on rye swirl bread.

        Have fun!