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Aug 10, 2007 11:27 PM

Hostess Sno Balls

It started out as a joke between friends, but now we are desperately searching for Hostess Sno Balls, as sort of a humorous "for old time's sake" birthday present. Does anyone know where they can be found online and in the Los Angeles area?

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  1. There's a Millbrook Bakery Outlet in Glendale on San Fernando Road (across the street from Smart & Final,between Alameda Ave. & Western Ave.) and I've seen them there. They carry a bunch of Hostess products. Give them a call.

    Millbrook Bakery
    6841 San Fernando Rd,
    Glendale, CA - (818) 846-3671

    1. In the SGV I get my big pink Sno Balls at Driftwood Dairy. I really do and I just had some about a month ago and they were very fresh

      Driftwood Dairy (Great milk, bacon, eggs and snacks including Hostess Smo Balls)
      10724 Lower Azusa Rd
      El Monte, CA 91731-1390
      (626) 444-9591
      Cross St, El Monte Ave. At the North end of the El Monte Airport. About two blocks West of Santa Anita Ave. Eight blocks East of Baldwin just past the old In-n-Out about a block away.

      Also, check this out

      Maybe call and ask about the special L.A. Pink Sno Balls
      Hostess Bakery
      6007 S. St. Andrews Place
      Los Angeles, CA 90047

      1. They have them at almost all 7-11s.

        1. There is a Hostess outlet on Roscoe right next to the 405, near the brewery. Huge boxes of sno balls real cheap

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            This Hostess outlet next to the 405 in Van Nuys/Panorama City closed several years back. I went looking for the low-fat Hostess cup cakes and found this location all boarded up

          2. I don't know if anyone can name the place, but I remember there's a patisserie/bakery in either Westwood or Beverly Hills that makes their own Sno Balls from scratch that are extremely good and look just like the real things (pink version.)

            I always remember laughing when I saw them stacked in the display case and the marshmallow coating was so good (had to get them, of course.)

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            1. re: brunello

              I want them. So since you mentioned them, and if there are no replys naming the place, you are responsiable for finding it and reporting back!

              1. re: JeetJet

                I'm trying to websearch for the place but nothing's coming up; then again most patisseries don't list their specialties online.

                Only thing coming up is SimonLA (Sofitel Hotel on Beverly) has it on the dessert menu. I'm sure the restaurant would make some to go for sweetslover if asked.

                I guess I'm going to have a very fattening weekend visiting my local pastisseries trying to stumble upon them.

                1. re: brunello

                  I just came back from my local Von's and they have them. The mass produced ones, I mean

                  1. re: brunello

                    On-the-other-hand, you will have a very thinning weekend working hard, going from place to place, until you find them. Pink Gourmet Sno Balls -- WOW!